Despite all the efforts to stand still, London’s legendary Fabric nightclub has lost the license and is set to close its doors for good by decision of local authorities. Home for many UK ravers is now under serious threat of never seeing the light again. 

After recent two drug fatalities that happened almost a month ago, the club has been under heavy investigation since. Loyal clubbers around the world have been continuously showing their support, and gained attention of more than 140,000 people. Even London’s mayor Sadiq Khan himself stepped up in defense. However, turns out he has a little control of what’s going to happen with the place: “It is important to note that City Hall does not have the power to intervene in licensing cases like the current situation with Fabric, “ he states in his response to the petition.

The case which was heard yesterday, Sept 6, has reached its verdict: "A culture of drugs exists at the club which the existing management and security appear incapable of controlling," she concluded. "This subcommittee has considered adding further conditions, but has come to the conclusion that this would not address the serious concern that they have with management of the premises, “ Subcommittee Chair Flora Williamson announced. Looks like things just got real.

Outrage, sorrow, and mixed emotions took to social media as the music community wept with the closing of Fabric. Artists all around the world mocked Williamsons announcement, depicting that in no way management encourages the culture of drugs in and out of Fabric's walls and in venues all of the world. 


Fabric has the right to appeal the decision to a higher court and continue the fight, which is already underway. In addition, the hashtag #SaveFabric has made ways all over social media in attempts to fight back and continue hope in saving the club. Let’s keep our fingers crossed! 

Do you think it was fair decision? Whose fault was it exactly? What does it mean for the future of clubbing? Let us know in the comments.