The Growlers held their 5th annual beach rock festival this weekend in Santa Ana featuring an eclectic line up headlining artists such as Bon Iver, Gucci Mane and Justice.

Unfortunately the event was not prepared for the predicted Sunday showers which lasted throughout the entire day. The rain caused one stage to close out and electronic artist Grimes to completely cancel her set. The DJ came out personally to explain to drenched fans that her equipment had been destroyed in the storm.

The Drums and Nicolas Jaar both had to move stages and set times.

The closed stage also caused over packing of the inside stages which resulted in crowds waiting in lines for hours to get inside. Attendees complained that the venue was too small for how many tickets were sold.

Bon Iver put on a compelling set Saturday night, completely leaving out his older songs such as his hit Skinny Love” and instead playing his newest album “22, a million.” It was more computerized than anticipated but still captured Bon Iver’s haunting, indie folk vocals. The song, “33 God” was especially endearing and left the crowd perplexed.

Gucci Mane brought in a particularly rowdy crowd and added the perfect touch of hip hop to the otherwise indie culture.

Although out of his electronic music festival element, RL Grime was still able to please his audience with trap bangers. He ended with a VIP remix of his hit Scylla.

The Growlers took the main stage both nights and put on a harmonically-rich performance that thrilled fans and reminded everyone where the heart of this festival was.

Overall the spirit of the Beach Goth goers trumped the rain and the inconveniences it brought with it. The Growlers posted a very grateful post on their Instagram page expressing their gratitude of fans who still made the best of the show even through the harsh conditions.

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