A vibrant blend of dance music and funky guitar riffs were brought to the Senator Theatre this week when electro-indie duo Cherub returned to Chico, CA while on their Bleed Gold, Piss Excellence Tour. The group has been on this tour for almost three months along with other artist groups Boo Seeka and Frenship. Chico was one of the last stops with the tour ending next week in San Diego.

Both openers were able to easily wow the crowd with their vocals and punchy drum kicks. When Frenship closed with their song "capsize" the audience sang along with elated smiles.

Cherub’s performance was impressively stylistic from beginning to end. Although they are considered a duo of Jordan Kalley and Jason Huber, the connection that these two have with  their other instrumentalists does not go unnoticed on stage. All are immensely talented and put on a virtually flawless show while still maintaining their bad-boy appeal.

The group played new songs off of their new album Bleed Gold, Piss Excellence which all displayed the progression they have gone through since past albums such as Man of the Hour, Mom and Dad, and Year of Caprese. They have again achieved to combine groovy beats with lyrics that will not get out your head.

They pointed out to the crowd that their new song “signs” which they did in collaboration with rapper T.I. was one of their favorite songs off of their new album.

“When we wrote this song we were talking about some really strange shit, I don’t remember what it was because I was very drunk, but it was strange.” Jordan Kelley charmingly added before they performed the song.

Rightfully the artists closed with their pop hit “doses and mimosas” which transported everyone in the room back to 2012 in all the right ways possible. The appreciation they have for their fans was immensely expressed throughout the show. This group simply leaves the audience wondering how they can be so talented and still be so damn cool.

As I talked to Jason Huber I couldn’t hold myself back from the knowingly cliche question of an estimation of how many jokes he hears about cocaine and champagne while on tour. He giggled at first then took a drink of hard cider and proceeded to look me in the eye and say, “let’s not go there.”

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