If you’re interested in getting into music production but are on a budget, this article is for you. The music company ROLI has recently announced a revolutionary way of making music that can be used on any iOS device.

BLOCKS” is modular music software that includes a physical light pad system as well as the new NOISE iOS software. You simply load sounds from the NOISE app to your light pad and let your fingers do the work. By dragging, sliding, or pressing the light pad, you can create a variety of different styles that will shape your music exactly how you want it. 

The extensive NOISE library allows you to creative with a number of different instruments and drum samples. You have free reign to get creative with your own music style, whatever it may be, and create elaborate kits by simply connecting your sound blocks. It has already received positive feedback from big names such as Steve Aoki, Grimes, RZA, and more. Marketed for beginners and experts alike, ROLI’s BLOCKS is truly for everyone.


Right now the light pad device bundle can be purchased for roughly $179.95. Additional expansion products such as the live and loop block can each be purchased for an additional $70.95. Compared to rival production products, BLOCKS is a relatively cheap product that will make the perfect gift this upcoming holiday season.

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