In celebration of Kygo’s newest album Cloud Nine, which was released on iTunes May 13, comes a track that is perfectly suited for the start of the fall season. Kygo Life is an emotional instrumental piece performed by the artist, Kygo, himself.

Recently debuting his new clothing line, and performing at the Olympic Closing Ceremony in Rio, this Norwegian DJ is on fire with completely organic and raw material. It is rare that an edm artist sits down, slows down, and really takes the time to put a load of heart and soul into what I would call “a piece” rather than just simply “a track”. Just as a great electronic song helps you escape into a groove, Kygo’s strictly instrumental ballad moves you to complete, sweet nostalgia. Kygo Life can also be found accompanied by lyrics on the album Cloud Nine, titled For What It’s Worth.

With Kygo soon to be performing two days at the Hollywood Bowl in October, he already has one show that is completely sold out. If you are in the area, tickets are to be purchased as soon as possible before you miss out. Otherwise, where would you love to see Kygo next?