The underground dubstep scene has bred some of EDM’s largest and most unique artists. This is where names such as Getter, 50 Carrot, D-Jahsta, and so many others had their beginnings and established the sounds they hone today. The scene has also served as a great platform for sound experimentation and new approaches that only push EDM, and music in general, further. Today I’d like to focus on a relatively new dubstep group that has been killing it lately, Da Force.

Defined with Star Wars themed music and gritty baselines, Da Force is an interesting group that has given their own signature style to the dubstep scene. Wearing masks to cover up their identities as well as posting mysterious social media posts only adds to the mystique behind their group and the music they create. Their music is some of the grimiest in this new “riddim” sub-genre and have therefor caught the attention of several other big named artists. Besides numerous single releases, their “General Grievous EP” and “Battlestation EP” served as their first major releases and their emergence into the scene.

Their newest EP, “The Decadence EP” is out now and just in time for the new upcoming Star Wars movie. It’s already received great feedback and is one of the most popular new EPs featured on November’s dubstep chart.

If you are into underground bass music and haven’t checked out Da Force, I strongly recommend you do ASAP. The link to their newest EP can be found below.