Without a doubt, breaking away from an everyday routine is one of the many reasons why a lot of us attend multi-day festivals. A chance to meet new people, dance freely, and look at everything around you with a heart full of love and a genuine smile is exactly what the mind, body, and soul crave. The gatherings that the Desert Hearts crew put together not only remind us that we can incorporate these things into our everyday lives, but also give us an opportunity to grow- spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually.

Taking place in the beautiful San Diego County this past weekend, the Desert Hearts Spring Festival attracted over 3,000 attendees to come out and be engulfed in the presence of House, Techno, and Love. With the Desert Hearts philosophy of “One Stage, One Vibe, One Love” printed on each festival wristband, each and every one of us were constantly reminded of the connectedness and oneness that we all are. There was no VIP, no separate camping entities, no backstage... the festival was equally a part of all of us- as a community, as a whole.


From Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon, 70 hours of non-stop booming beats echoed naturally off of the enormous green trees of the Los Coyotes Reservation, and filled the ears of all. The exceptional Funktion One speakers amplified the sounds of M.A.N.D.Y., Blond:ish, Justin Jay, Rodriguez Jr., Galen, the Desert Hearts family of Djs, and so many more. The vibes and energies radiating through and fro the entire crowd were noticeably comforting and uplifting, and everyone brought their own set of moves to the dance floor.

Not only did this mind-expanding gathering have some of the greatest names in deep house and techno come to broadcast their gifts, there was also an array of other talents exposed by many. Artists in the form of live painters made people stop and stare in awe as they gently and intuitively created masterpieces before our eyes. Jaw-dropping fire performers, gracious aerial acts, and more each showed passion for their art in an inspiring, unique way. All were encouraged to express themselves through dance and flow arts, as I saw many hoopers and poi artists make their way all around the festival.


A specific festival would not be classified as “transformational” if there wasn’t additional opportunities to expand your mind and soul throughout your time spent there. Through healing comes growth, and Desert Hearts made sure to inform attendees of the importance of nourishing the core of your being. The Healing Village offered various types of workshops, yoga, sound healing, and more to nurture your soul and bring you back to your center.


Through radical self-reliance and love for mother earth, the community at Desert Hearts all helped one another undergo an experience that made each one of us closer to ourselves, and closer to our neighbors. The creators of the fest continue to give back as well, as all of the sets from the 4 days were recorded and will be up on the Desert Hearts Records Soundcloud for your listening pleasure very soon.

To get a taste of what the vibe and live music that Desert Hearts contains is like, or to decompress yourself from the crazy weekend, you can check out City Hearts which is thrown by the crew themselves. Read more about the event HERE.

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