Per usual, Swiss DJ EDX has worked his deep house magic on yet another pop hit. Remixing British singer Birdy’s ‘’Words’’. As her songs typically hold a reputation of being beautifully emotional ballads, EDX has effortlessly turned it into a dance ready hit. Synths, and subtle riffs instantly turn this vocal track into a seductive, bouncy beat. Which is exactly what we all needed as we exit our summer months. EDX yet again proves why he’s the go-to name for all things deep house.

EDX has been a crown jewel to Spinnin Records roster, especially within this past year. Coming out with hit after hit, it is no mystery that EDX possess amazing talent in completely transforming hits with his own original twists, and unique ability. All while touring the globe - nationally and internationally at small venues and festivals alike - EDX has shown no sign of fatigue as he has vigorously kept up with a consistent posting pattern with hit tracks, and keeping up to date with his Sirius Radio spot titled EDX: No Xcuses!

From Germany to Korea, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, and Brazil.. then all the way back to the West Coast USA - There seems that there is no ground that EDX has left to cover. As he continues to become a globally recognized name, comment with what your favorite EDX mix has been thus far.