ench Enchanted Forest is coming back to Northern California. Beyond the mysticism of the enchanted forest, musical enthusiasts and yogis will be uniting to share some solid good vibes.

What sets Enchanted apart from the rest of the music festivals is its unifying attractions that connect the people, the bass, and the beats. With over 25 yoga classes with renowned teachers, the four-day all inclusive yoga pass lets the crowd dive deep into serenity every single morning. After channeling your inner NAMASTE, fans will be able to rejoice with an eclectic variation of music from jazz, acoustic, electronic, to world beat.

Want to give your ears a rest? Check out the art exhibits – with attractions like the Nectar Temple, Crystal Dome, Visionary Art Studio, and Late Night Tea Lounge, fans will be able to feed their artistic appetite! Not only that but the wisdom shares and workshops are something no other festival has offered – with workshop zones that focus on

 Relationships & Sexuality

 Spirituality & Science

 Nourishment & Nutrition

 Permaculture & Ancestral Arts

 Health and Wellness

Enchanted Forest gives deep connections to connect people with their true inner self. Don’t forget to snag your tickets….As the four sacred tenets go “make it sacred, sexy, silly, and saucy!”