What is better than a festivalenvision with a specially curated musical lineup mixed with performing arts, yoga, and so much more? The festival taking place on the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. From February 25-28, the majestic shores of Uvita, Cost Rica will be transformed once again for the sixth annual breathtaking Envision Festival. With the idea of blending cultures into one, Envision is set to host musical acts from nine different countries, over three continents, that have a little something for everyone. Known as the festival of the future it is admirable how committed Envision Festival is to creating a sacred place for the inclusiveness of its guests. With acts ranging from California's Beats Antique Live, to Berlin's deep house legend M.A.N.D.Y, diversity seeps through every name on the lineup. Other notable names include The Human Experience, Grouch, Aeka Beka, and so many more(plus more tba!).

However, Envision Festival is so much more than just the music, with captivating performing arts, yoga and movement, and art installations. Uvita is completely transformed into a second home for festival attendees. Yoga teachers include Sianna Shermon, the founder of the Goddess Yoga Program, Troy Hadeed, and Marcos Jassan. Also, to help spread Envisions Core Values, a new series of Educational Retreats will be available prior and throughout the festival.

“I believe that by gathering in community out in nature, we create a rare opportunity for individuals to observe their value systems and inherent human motivations from a new or alternative perspective that is free of social conditioning. At a successful event, participants capture this moment and create from it a forever lasting positive impression." - says Matt Siegel, co-founder of Envision.

As tier one and two tickets are already sold out you can still purchase tier three for $277 below. Also, be sure to check out the website the below for even more information.


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