Aaron Jackson and Kayoh, who are under the same management both threw down respectable sets at Bass Camp Festival on Aug, 6-7.

Aaron Jackson, who has established his own unique sound composed of house, uk garage, and wompy club beats has been grinding in the industry since he 2009.  With a breakout 2015, Aaron Jackson's music has been signed to record labels including Ked Kandi Records, Monstercat and more. His sets are captivating and talented, which leads to no surprise that he was nominated by EDM Universal as one of the 'Top 12 Rising North American Artists'. All of his tracks are carefully mastered and have gained nominal support from artists including Chuckie, Hannah Wants, Kissy Sell Out, and more.

In comparison, Kayoh is a music producer and DJ from Baltimore Maryland who has been dominating the scene on and off stage. Kayoh is no stranger to the music scene, and has received praise from many music blogs and artists including Krewella, Morgan Page and more. Most recently, Kayohs' 'Wobble' Remix landed an official place on A-trak's Fool's Gold Records. Kayoh swept fans off their feet and had the entire floor moving during his Bass Camp Festival performance on the Dancetronauts stage and we can't wait to see what the young artist has under his sleeve. At such a prime age in the industry, Kayoh  has already created a name for himself and has no plan of slowing down anytime soon.

I had the privilege to catch up with both Aaron Jackson and Kayoh after their stellar sets at Bass Camp Festival to talk music, inspirations, food, and more. Check it out below:

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Just a little bit about yourselves and your sounds. For those who might not have never heard of you, can you each describe your sound in three words?

Aaron Jackson: UK, Garage and House

Kayoh: sexy, fire, lit

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Can you give me one song you would show to someone who has never heard of you before.

Aaron Jackson: Collab with my friend Billy Kennedy called 'Right Here'(below) on Heldeep.

Kayoh: My most recent original is one I did with Nest HQ called 'Shh'(below) and I really like that one and really like playing that one out.  

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Kayoh, you recently released an awesome and unique remix of Wobble on Fool’s Gold record, A-traks label, what else have you been working on that you can share with fans, or any upcoming projects in the works?

Kayoh:  I have a few collabs going on right now with my friends Bentz, Blvk Sheep, and G-Rex. When those are finished and released I want to do an EP of 3 solo originals. so those are my four collabs I have right now, and I'm going to try and release those independently. Then after all that is done, and all of those releases are done, definitely an EP. I wanna just do 3 solo originals just to show case and really do some different things too. 

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How long until you think fans can expect an EP from you?

Kayoh: It's hard to say because I don't know. Sometimes I'll work on a song for a month then I'll end up hating it after that. So I don't know, but I'm going to be pretty picky with myself about the EP. I definitely want it to be good.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Aaron, you’ve been busy releasing your 19 episodes mix on Soundcloud, which everyone should go check out, what are your upcoming plans after Bass Camp Festival this weekend?

Aaron Jackson: I have a mix coming out on Rinse.FM for Marcus Nash out on my record label X that I do A&R for. Then I have a collab with the NIGHTOWLS that is in the works, that has really cool vocals. Then I have another original with my friend Megan Hamilton, and another original 128 track with a Herobust type sound I’m really trying to work on.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You both are huge up and coming artists who have already had many milestones in your career, but what do you see yourselves as artists accomplishing in a year from now?

Aaron Jackson: Hopefully I’ll be touring full-time year around.

Kayoh: Yeah, I think the greatest thing would to be playing shows every weekend and doing this all the time. July has been a great month and now it’s time to work on some music and hopefully that’ll lead to more shows.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: This is a tough, saturated industry, and everyone always seems to want to be a DJ or producer now a days. What do you think it takes to be successful and/or what advice do you have to aspiring artists?

Aaron Jackson: Make sure you have passion and you actually love it because it’s something that you’re going to wholeheartedly need to support and love because there are so so many hard times where you’re going to want to give up on yourself before you make it to where you want to be. So it’s very important to believe in yourself and know  you’re in it for the right reasons.


Kayoh: I would say make music every day. Every single day and really keep working at it. And you can emulate your favorite producers and that’s cool, especially just to learn but really try to find your own sound. It might take a while to develop but just do your own thing and make music that you want to hear.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You both have been very busy with shows this summer, do you have any pre-show routines or rituals?

Aaron Jackson: Well, I have muscle milk on my riders.

Kayoh: I don’t really like to do anything before a show, maybe a couple of beers to loosen up. But I like to go through my laptop make sure I have everything I want to play. If the crowd isn’t feeling one genre I can go to another way, you know.


EPIC PRODUCTIONS: If you could hold your own music festival, what would it be called and who would your three top headliners be?

Aaron Jackson: Chris Lorenzo, Virtual Riot, and Skrillex.

Kayoh: Deadmau5, Eric Prydz, and Harambe.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Similar question, if you could collaborate or go b2b with any artist, who would it be and why?

Aaron Jackson: I would have to say Chris Lorenzo or Virtual Riot again. They’re both very very smart and geniuses at what they do and they would be really good people to work with.

Kayoh: I would say this is a pretty basic answer but I would have to pick Skrillex. Everyone loves Sonny, and he’s so passionate and such a good artist. I would just love to work with the guy, locked in the studio having fun making a track.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What can fans expect out of your sets tonight?

Aaron Jackson: They can expect a mixture of tech-house, deep house, I kind of play a mixture of everything. Start out chiller and build up into hype music and really play music that makes people feel their emotions.

Kayoh: I try to do a mixture of songs with cool drops, and weird wompy stuff then songs with really good chord progression then just hit them and a lot of melodic stuff. So just a big mixture of those, but mainly bass music you could say. I try to switch up the genre maybe a little drum and bass.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: And last but not least, favorite food?

    Aaron Jackson: Nachos

    Kayoh: Buffalo Wings

Even though Bass Camp Festival is over both boys have a very busy schedule still ahead. Besides working on new material in the studio, Aaron Jackson will be headlining Somnium Summer Camping & Music Festival, as well as Life is Beautiful in Las Vegas. Kayoh, will also be headlining Somnium Summer Camping & Music Festival, and will be throwing down at Los Angeles newest and highly anticipated event, BassLA.   


Aaron Jackson: Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook
Kayoh: Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Photo Credit: Ryan Neil & Scott Bernhardt