Andrew Rayel is considered to be the modern day Mozart. Falling into the trance genre of music, Rayel is a young and talented music producer taking the lead in the new generation of EDM. Rayel is often called the "new Armin van Buuren" with a unique and significant stand that makes him stand out from others in the industry. At the young age of 21, he has already performed at some of the world's largest clubs, venues and festivals. His tracks have found a home on the A State of Trance, and has remixed for huge names in the industry including Armin van Buuren, Zedd, Tiesto, Dash Berlin - among many others.

Andrew Rayel is scheduled to perform at Insomniac's Beyond Wonderland this Sunday, so in preparation to close out the summer in Bay Area, we caught up with Rayel to discuss his early start in music, most influential producers and more.

Andrew Rayel first got his start in music by dipping his feet into the classical genre. The artist has an intense classical music background, "which you always see as the Andrew Rayel sound in production," the artist explains of his work. Trance is the closest genre in which Andrew Rayel feels alive, emotional and close to his heart. With strong influences from Armin Van Burren and Hans Zimmer, Andrew Rayel is constantly turner to these artists for inspiration. He started producing and releasing his own tracks on small labels, and it was then that Andrew Rayel had his first tune of the week on A State of Trance for his track "Aether", making that his breakthrough track - it all started there and the rest is history.

When it comes to touring, Andrew Rayel loves it all, stating, "every tour has simply been a memorable experience for me as every country has left me speechless with their love for my music." When asked what most excites him about performing for festival crowds, though, the producer excitedly announced, "festivals are always amazing, it's that vibe and atmosphere you don't get to see in a club, people jumping and dancing in the from noon to dawn, and it's always nice to bump in with fellow DJs playing in the same lineup."

To conclude the quick get-to-know interview with Andrew Rayel, the young and talented musician sent out his many thank you's and finished by stating, "so much support since day one, there's not enough thank you's. I'm here because of your love and appreciation of my passion, and I am always thankful for that, and you."

Be sure to catch Andrew Rayel perform his much anticipated live set this weekend at Beyond Wonderland. For more information, be sure to visit his socials below! Tickets for the festival are one sale and can be purchased HERE.

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