Chi town's electronic trio, Autograf has worked their way up into the music scene with their melodic tunes, sculptures, and street art. Autograf consists of Mikul, Jake and Louis who all started this musical project as a hobby. Before they knew it, they became a sensation in the music industry.

Cut from a different cloth, they aim to make music that they hope will leave a mark on their audiences. Forget about the big genres, the labels, and the names, Autograf doesn't fit into any category and that's just how they like it. Autograf's originality is what makes their sound so unique; it's so unique it does not fit into a genre. It's the kind of music that lets you feel however you want to feel, the kind of music that good vibes thrive off of.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Autograf again, proceeding our interview with the trio in September while on their North American tour (read HERE). This time, we dug deeper into their visual art masterpieces, signature tropical house sounds and plans for the new year.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How did the three of you decide to form a tropical house trio?

We started the group as a project to make visual art starting with a large scale pop art installation. Jake went to art school for sculpture and painting, and Mikul has a background in street art. Music is just another part of this little art project we call Autograf.
EPIC PRODUCTIONS: I understand the name Autograf, since it symbolizes "leaving your mark", but how did you come up with the name?
We love the concept of leaving your mark in the world. What's required to make a mark? The literal way would be to, you know, sign it, so it’s your autograph. So everyone should live their life and leave their mark however they want. It can be from the music we listen and blast out into the world, the time we spend with our friends, the memorable experiences at a festival or club. Everything we do leaves a mark in this world, so let's all make it count!
EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What artists are you looking to collaborate with this year? Who are your "dream collaborations"?
We have lot's of collabs started with our friends like Hotel Garuda, Wuki, Big Wild, LCAW, JackLNDN and even The Chainsmokers hit us up about one. There's probably more I can't remember. Might start some with our buddies Prince Fox and Manic Focus too. There's just so many to finish with our homies I can't even start to think about dream collabs haha but how about hologram Tupac?
EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Who are your biggest influences in the music industry?
Trentemoller, Danger, Aphex Twin and I know it's cliche but Daft Punk really did influence us lot.
EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What inspired you to play the instrument of your choice?
My parents forcing me to! So yeah, that would be the "inspiration" but in hindsight that was probably the best "inspiration" I've ever gotten. Thanks mom.
EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Do you think you'll branch out from tropical house?
I'm not even quite sure what makes something tropical house exactly, nor do I know how to exactly categorize our own music. That's probably why we like to joke around and call it Future House, Future Tropical, Future Summer, Future Nites, Future whatever the fuck you want to call it. Genres are stupid. We'd rather not think of music in such limiting terms.
EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What city would you like to perform in that you haven't yet?
Ibiza or bust!
EPIC PRODUCTIONS: From a previous interview, you said you got sick of all EDM sounding the same. Yours however has a distinct sound and genre. In your words, what separates it from the rest of dance music?
I think it's the lack of being able to fit it into any one specific category. If people have a hard time labeling your music then I think you've succeeded at least a little bit in making something unique.
EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Are there any festivals that you wish to perform at?
Electric Forest or Holy Ship!
EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What are you most excited for in 2015?
Finally showing the world our debut originals. We've been working hard on them this winter and have like 10 of them going. So we're excited to share them with everyone.

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