The man, the myth, the legend, THE Benny Benassi. Since his hit “Satisfaction” dropped all the way back in 2002-13 years ago- a lifetime ago, Benny has been one of the pioneers in the dance music industry. His name is synonymous with electronic music and was one of the first EDM DJ’s I personally had ever listened to back in middle school (yeah I know I was the coolest 6th grader).

We found the Italian Stallion down in Miami during MMW when he headlined the Dim Mak Beach Party at Nikki Beach on Thursday March 26th. It was such an awesome opportunity interviewing the man that had piqued my interest in this genre of music at such a young age.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: From jamming to your hits at 12 years old, to seeing you rock the House of Blues in Chicago for the first installment of Spring Awakening in 2012 at 21 years old, your DJ career has stayed consistent for years. What is your secret to being one of the BEST and staying relevant for so long in an industry with so many new names and faces?

I've always been truthful to myself.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: The dance music scene is constantly evolving with new sounds, new styles and new people. How has your style of producing progressed throughout the years? Do you have the same approach as you did when you first started back in the 80’s?

It’s hard for me to say. I just absorb what’s going on around me and I guess it gets processed somehow and influences the music we make.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Your career started almost 30 years ago! What has kept you grounded all these years? Do you ever take a step back and reflect on what life would be like if you chose a different career path?

My fans keep me where I am! I am very grateful for the fans I have. I just want to keep doing what I do until I feel I'm not connecting any more. If that day ever arrives, I'll stop djing and just ride bikes, cook and do the gardening... but until that day comes, I'll be the one turning up the bass to max... When I was going to go decide what I wanted to do with my life I was considering two things. One was becoming a professional cyclist (cycling is a big sport in Italy) which isn't a proper job really... and the other was this.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Your new track “Aphrodisiak” just dropped last month, what stylistic approach did you take to make sure this would become an instant hit?

That’s funny! We (Alle and I) are never sure our tracks will be instant hits! (It would be nice to have the recipe). It’s satisfying when they do well, though. With “Aphrodisiak” we wanted to get a little more housey. I was a resident house music DJ in Italy for ten years before “Satisfaction” was released and changed my life.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: The WMC & MMW kicks off festival season with a bang! How much planning typically goes into a festival or club set? How do you make sure that you differentiate yourself from other top headliners?

I don’t over-analyze. What I do is very strongly connected to my own taste. I don’t plan the sets, I have all the songs I’m feeling at the moment and a few old favorites and then I just tune into the crowd and play as if I’m one of them.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Is there any type of specific venue that you absolutely love to play? We can imagine that the vibe of pool party to nightclub to giant outdoor festival varies enormously.

That's hard to say! I have a few favorite spots, like Pacha in New York, Ruby Skye in San Francisco and Ministry of Sound in London. I love playing at festivals thought, I guess every festival has its own special vibe. If you play at Red Rocks in Colorado or Coachella, the natural setting is breathtaking, for example.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: I wanted to quickly touch on the fact that you were invited to perform at the first EVER Mad Decent Boat Party last November. After so many years of sustained success, how was experiencing a new type of festival like the Mad Decent Boat Party compared to typical festivals… on land haha!?

It was great to be trapped on a ship with so many lovely people! Thanks, Diplo. Respect!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: One final question that has been eating us alive… Skrillex’s “Cinema” Remix or RL Grime’s “Satisfaction” Remix? We are dying to know!


We love you Benny. Thank you so much for this interview!

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