cook The Circus family always puts on a devilish show wherever they go. This past week in New York City, Funtcase, Doctor P, and Cookie Monsta tore up Webster Hall’s walls with their heavy bass. Not once did the crowd stop moving when these three artists played. The head banging was constant, the moshing came in waves, and dark vibes were contagious. After the show, EPIC sat down with the UK’s very own, Cookie Monsta!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: So you’ve been touring everywhere lately, what’s been your favorite spot so far?

That’s a hard one… Every place is totally different like in Belgium and Holland it’s such a different scene. You can play different things and the crowd reacts totally different. In America, it’s kind of similar to that but totally different as well. I could play a different set in LA than I would here in New York or in Denver. It’s pretty crazy but I can’t really say the best I’ve ever had.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What about top show?

I would have to say EDCLV! Holy hell was that hot. That was the 3rd time I played there and had the best set time with 30 minutes more than anyone else.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: I’d have to agree that EDCLV has the top production by far. No matter if you’re a DJ or a festival goer, it’s a great time. You’ve been touring with Funtcase and Doctor P. How’s that been? What’s it like touring with your best friends?

It’s great. We’ve been doing this for years since like 2009. We’ve toured the world together and it’s great. We all hate each other but at the end of the day we all love each other. It’s great! Traveling with your group of friends doing the same thing that you all love is just great.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Can you tell me the most EPIC thing you’ve seen since you started touring?

Well, one thing that comes to mind, it’s not the most epic but it’s one of the FUNNIEST things! We were in Australia. It was me, Funtcase, Doctor P, and Flux. It was Flux’s day off so he got absolutely wild. By the end of the night we all had Hoovers on stage and were just Hooverin’ away. Someone had a huge feather duster. The next minute, Flux brings out a huge ladder and passin it out to the stage.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You guys basically found a ton of cleaning supplies and cleaned the stage *cue the LOL*

Yes! It was just hilarious. We’re basically a circus. We didn’t have clowns though because we are the clowns.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: what do you think is the best part about being in the Circus family?

Being with like-minded friends. IT’s good – there’s no one that doesn’t like anyone else. We all like each other in a sexual way and it’s great that there’s no personal ties so it’s just sex!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Between “Lick It, “WTF,” and “Come Find Me,” which one would you speaks most to you?

I would have to say the “WTF” remix. When I got it, it was an EDM stomper. I got it and I was like “okay, I gotta switch this and make it angry as f*ck! I gotta make it satanic and devilish.” It took me abut five to six days. To do that now is really hard because it takes months to make music. After hearing it so many times you just get so f*cked up. At the end of the day I was like “wow I think it’s ready.”

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: The titles of your songs are so blunt and raw. How do you pick the titles for them?

Years ago it was just whatever was in my brain or I’d ask a friend what I should name it. My music is tongue and cheek – it’s not that serious and it’s never been serious. When it comes to song names it’s just whatever’s on the tip of my tongue. It’s all free speech.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You have a distinct sound. What do you think gives you your signature dubstep sound?

The amount of energy I try to make my music have. I try to give 200% and overflow the interest in my music. I try to make it interesting. I switch it up and make it exciting. Hopefully, that’s my identity in this scene.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You recently got married. Your wife is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. How is touring and being a newlywed?

I’ve been with her for nearly 7 years and nothing’s changed at all. We just have it on paper.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Does she ever go on your with you?

Not really. Cookie Monsta is Cookie Monsta and Tony is Tony. My personal life is separate. I don’t bring my family into the music scene. She’s traveled with me around the UK a couple of times but she’s not into the music scene. It sounds weird but it’s kind of what I want… Keeping Cookie Monsta as Cookie Monsta the artist and Tony as Tony. When I get home, I want to be the original me, a stud!