danny avila Danny Avila is no stranger when it comes to the realm of sound. A mastermind in synthesizing multiple beats and sounds, he’s created his own flavor in the world of electronic dance music. From tech house to deep house to electro, Danny Avila continues to stun the industry. I sat with the 20-year-old talent in the concrete jungle to see what was up for his US tour.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: So far for your tour, you’ve played in Orlando, Costa Mesa, New York and your next stop is San Francisco. What made you want to pick these exact cities?

I don’t really pick them. It’s more about the shows we do. I’ve played here (New York City) and I’ve played in Orlando twice. So, for these previous shows, I’ve played in all of the cities already. It’s more about testing different clubs and the ones we pick, and when I say we it’s my team and me. We do them again! It’s more or less the quality of the show.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: So was this your second time at Webster?

It was my fourth time.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Do you like Webster?

I love it! It’s great. Its one of my favorite venues in New York and so is Pacha. Pacha is amazing but Webster is pretty awesome.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What are some cities you haven’t been to yet and want to play at?

I’ve never played in Australia and I really want to play there. I’ve never been because it’s so far. I’ll only go if it’s a full tour though, maybe for three to four weeks. I’m not going to go for the weekend. I’m from Spain so from Spain to here (New York City), that’s only a seven hour flight. To Australia, that’s a crazier flight. I heard that it’s pretty cool.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: My cousin lives in Australia and he absolutely loves it there! I’d be interested in seeing how the music scene is there. If you could headline a tour with any other artist, who would it be?

I think Porter Robinson.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: That’s interesting… Both of your sounds are so different. I would love to hear how that blends.

I’ve changed my sound a little bit. I used to play a bit more dubstep and drum and bass kind of stuff. He’s a great producer. I always love all of his tracks.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Your latest release, C.H.E.C.K., has been a success! What was your thought process when you were producing it?

C.H.E.C.K.! C.H.E.C.K.! C.H.E.C.K.! It took me more than a year because when you make music, it can take so long until you have the right idea for it. So during the process you change so many things. A demo you make can turn out completely different from what it was in the beginning. With C.H.E.C.K., it ended up being completely different from what it actually was. I couldn’t figure out what direction I wanted it to go in. It’s different from my previous tracks – it’s more house and not super banging.


EPIC PRODUCTIONS: So most DJs have one radio show but you have two. Ready To Jump is for your bangers and MORE radio is for your deep house and tech. What kind of prep goes into the production for these?    

You know, I don’t really prepare. Every day I listen to so many new tracks and I have so much music because I spend a lot of time looking for it. Here’s the thing, I’m a big fan of more tech and deep house. It’s what I started playing when I starting DJing. I like two different sounds so why not have two radio shows? It doesn’t take much time because I’m constantly doing it so it doesn’t feel like I have to get work done.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Back in 2011, you won ‘Best Newcomer DJ’ and this year you were listed on TOP 100 DJs in DJ MAG. How did react when you got the news?

DJ Mag was crazy because I wasn’t expecting to be on it.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Did you have an OMG face?

Yeah, yeah, yeah! You know, I don’t pay much attention to this list. It’s cool to be there because it shows you have your fans’ attention. It was great to be on there. I was expecting to be on there as #90 or #80 but #60 was cool. I was very very surprised!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: I bet since you were one of the few DJs I noticed that didn’t advertise on a daily basis about it.

That’s the thing! Last year I promoted it a bit more and I was 109 – very close. This year I didn’t care. I think I only posted it once on Twitter and another time on Facebook. I didn’t even post it on Instagram like the other guys with huge campaigns. So when I saw I was #60 I was happy.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What do you think makes your sound different? OR should I say, what kind of flavor would you say your music is?

Well it depends. I consider myself a very open minded person. I love all genres. It’s not like I play electro house and that’s it. I’ve changed my sound in the last 2-3 years from more dubstep but not too much. Now it’s slowing down a little bit. Right now, I’m doing a concept where I play longer sets with more tech and deep house. It’s a mix of all flavors, genres, and sounds. It’s not all over the place but a little bit.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: It’s not like you’re stuck in this box where you’re entitled to only one sound – you explore which is why I think your fans love you so much. There’s always so much energy in your music!

My sets are quite energetic! I don’t like 5-minute breaks and breakdowns; it kills the dance floor. I like energy all of the time. It doesn’t matter what I play because it’ll always be vibrant.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: With 2015 almost coming to an end, what can your fans expect from you in 2016?

New music obviously. In terms of production, I have 2-3 tracks ready. I’m not doing albums or anything; I’m just releasing new music! I usually put tracks out every 1 to 2 months. In terms of touring, I go everywhere. I’m in the US a lot. I play a lot of shows in New York and Asia. I love Asia! I’m touring all the time.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Let’s loop back to New York! What was your favorite part about playing at Webster?

It was great! For me it was a bit different because I’ve played there three times and I’ve played really banging sets. This time I was playing a set for 3.5 hours. I started off techy then transitioned into my own sound. I was a bit nervous before the show and I never get nervous. It was soooo good though!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How has the concrete jungle been treating you?

Good! I went to the movies the other day to watch 007 and went out another. I like being in my room and making music. I’m not the most touristy guy.