The year 2013 was great for San Francisco up-and-comer Fista Cuffs, playing festivals like Snowglobe, Beyond Bay Area and Escape from Wonderland. To keep his momentum going, EPIC conducted an exclusive interview and asked Fista Cuffs to compose a sick 30 minute mix for us! Enjoy!

EPIC: When did you first decide that you wanted to make music? Which artists or genres influenced you to find your specific sound?

I started making music midway through high school. I didnt even know what EDM was yet so for a few years I was just making hip-hop beats in Ableton 3.1. I moved out at age 18 and moved to San Francisco where EDM had already hit the scene and I was instantly hooked. As for artists that influenced me over the years, I'd have to say Diplo and Figure have influenced me the most.

EPIC: Do you ever get nervous before a performance? Have any pre-show rituals you do to overcome that anxiety?

I actually do get nervous before shows. Drinking helps. No, but really I do get a little nervous before shows but I just focus and tell myself 'its just another show.

EPIC: We share a solid love for Moombahton, what makes that genre so special to you?

Moombahton is special to me because as a genre, I'd say it gave me a good head start. I started making 110 when no one really was except Dillon Francis, Nadastrom, ETC!ETC! and a couple others. I was fortunate enough to be featured on a few Beatport Compilation Albums with names like Dillon Francis, Kill the Noise, Bro Safari and Diplo. It definitely helped me get my name out there.

EPIC: It's obviously become easier to promote yourself as a brand through interconnecting via social media; how do you think sites like Facebook and Twitter are influencing the popularity of the EDM scene?

I think social media has helped everyone in the music industry get their music out to the right people. It really helps connect the artist and fans. As an artist we are able to talk and answer questions fans may have and share new music with them personally.

EPIC: You recently moved from San Francisco to LA. How was adjusting from living in the bay, to living in sunny SoCal? Have you gained any new inspirations by changing the scenery?

I miss SF everyday. But from a musical standpoint I know LA is the place to be. I am currently attending Icon Collective, the same school Protohype graduated from, and I'm learning a lot. As for connections, I've made more in LA in a month than I could have ever in SF.

EPIC: What's your favorite kind of pizza?

My favorite pizza is Pesto Four Cheese Arugola and Basil. Maybe a little Chicken too.

EPIC: You're known for dropping a lot of trap in your sets, who's your favorite hip hop artist?

My favorite hip-hop artist would have to be either Schoolboy Q or Del.

EPIC: If you could go B2B with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

I would have to pick Skrillex, I wouldn't feel bad for chain smoking since he smokes a pack a set.

EPIC: What's coming up for you? What can us fans expect to hear from you in the near future?

I have a new EP I hope to have sent to OWSLA by 2014. When (and if) they take it, I have no idea. However I'm looking for a release next year.