With tracks that have hit the top charts, motion pictures, and stolen the hearts of his fans, I had the absolute honor and privilege to interview one of the artist who I consider to be a true mastermind in the world of music; Flux Pavilion.

Being a record producer, singer-songwriter, DJ, and label owner all at once has allowed Flux Pavilion to take off the success in his music career. His hits such as "Bass Cannon" and "I Can't Stop" really allowed for Flux Pavilion to expand his name not only in the EDM scene but also in the style of music played on the 'top hits' radio stations as well.

I had the pleasure of attending his show in Milwaukee at The Rave. With a preface into the night, Borgeous opened up a great show that later continued to be an even more amazing experience as soon as Flux Pavilion took the stage. From the first track, Flux had the ability to capture the audience and bring about a more hard-hitting energy that didn't decrease throughout the rest of his set. Incorporating both new and old tracks of his, Flux's show tailored to his wide array of fans, both old and new.

Here is a closer look into the interview with Flux Pavilion thanks to EPIC Productions!

EPIC: How would you most define your music style?

Epic, baseline driven music that people can get down to!

EPIC: How did you come up with the artist name Flux Pavilion?

It came to me in a dream.

EPIC: What is the most significant change you've felt as in artist in your music career?

I have become open minded and feel like ive grown up a lot. It's such a constantly mutating industry you have to stay on your toes and have some bollocks.

EPIC: What was some of the inspiration behind some of your new tracks on your upcoming album Tesla?

My only real inspiration was that gut feeling you get when you are excited and you get goosebumps. I wanted every track to make me feel like that.

EPIC: What do you feel was your biggest breakthrough track?

I can't stop was a big one for me. It connected in a way that only happens by chance and star alignment.

EPIC: What was your favorite festival experience and why?

Being at Glastonbury is a pretty amazing experience. Last time I was there me and Prash (Engine Earz) were just wandering around and found ourselves walking round the side of the pyramid stage and there was a path along the barrier straight to the front. We watched Coldplay..

EPIC: What was a moment that you felt really connected with your fans?

EDC Las Vegas quite recently was a real winner for me. I was on a main stage, it was packed and I felt like they were all there for the right reasons. We connected and me and 50,000 people had a massive party, fucking ace.

EPIC: Where you see the EDM music industry evolving in the upcoming years?

Fuck knows, but as long as there is still some passion, Flux will be there.

EPIC: If you could collaborate with any two artists on one track, who would create your ultimate trio?

Me, Bjork and 2 Chainz.

EPIC: What advice would you give to the younger version of yourself?

Everything is gonna be alright.

EPIC: And to kick off this interview, what is the craziest thing you have ever done/seen at a show?

There is plenty but I particularly love the wheelchair crowd surfers, such a beautiful snapshot of community vibes right there.

For an amazing playlist of Flux's works, listen below - and look for many more reviews and news to come from Flux Pavilion with his upcoming fall tour coming in a few months.

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