At Beyond Wonderland Southern California, a few EPIC team members got to interview the lord of all trench lords, Tanner Petulla AKA Getter before his set. The face-melting king is known best for his work under Datsik’s label, Firepower Records, including his EP, Trenchlords. The young star began producing at just 16 years-old. If that doesn’t motivate young people to get out there and do what you love, we don’t know what does!

We picked Tanner’s brain to get a little insight on the new direction he intends to take Getter in the near future. While the future may hold new sounds, Tanner says he, in no way, intends to leave dubstep behind. Read below to see just what he said.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How are you feeling about playing Beyond?

Really really stoked!!! I’ve always waned to play insomniac events. So, it’s like a dream come true. :)

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How do you feel about playing a big show like this? Does playing a festival change the way you plan a set versus a smaller show?

I’ve only played a few really big shows, and its always my favorite. I get to go through my favorite music and all my new stuff! At smaller shows I like to keep it really heavy and personal, but I love expanding so this is great!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Who else are you stoked to see playing in this line up with you?

Loadstar, Dotcom and Delta Heavy. They all throw down so hard.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What artists have a lot of influence in your music and what your throw into your set?

Currently, I have been loving a little bit of everything. The smallest details get me inspired. Flume, What So Not, Valentino Kahn, Skrillex, Kill the Noise, Brillz, Snails, Trollphace, LAXX, and Flux Pavilion really have me inspired recently.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Recently you’ve been experimenting with new sounds. Are there new releases coming up that break the mold you’ve made for yourself?

Yeah, that’s what I’m aiming for! I feel like I’ve cornered myself in one specific style of music. I love that style, but I make so much music I think its time to reveal it all! 2015 is definitely going to be huge!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How is it mixing new styles into a set that is primarily dubstep and D and B?

I usually tip toe through each genre individually, depending on the BPM. I think it’s important to have diversity in a live set. Not only does it keep me interested, but its a treat for everyone in the crowd. I go all over the place now: dubstep, dnb, trap, house, hip hop, old school classics, sing alongs, even metal sometimes haha!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What is it like playing a show in your stomping grounds (SJ to LA) as compared to a show out of state or out of country?

It’s always super dope because my main fan-base is the west coast. Not to mention all my close homies come through and we have a great time!!!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Playing live music is a big part of what you do. Do you enjoy making and producing music more or playing it live?

That’s a tough one!!! I love playing music and having fun on stage and meeting people, but I think my favorite thing is to have a whole day to myself in my studio. I just let my mind take over and have the best time ever.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What about your producing style sets you apart?

Mmmm, I think the quality takes a big role. I know a lot of artists that kind of put out everything they make. I pick the very best ones that I make to make sure I’m proud of it.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Electronic music is always expanding and blending, who is someone you would like to collab with that you haven’t yet?

Oh, definitely Snails! And Brillz... Basically anyone from that list I made above! I would absolutely love to get on something with Mr. Carmack!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: If you can tell us, what collabs are in the works?

Not a whole lot I can say!!! But, I started a dope one with my friends Adair and Omega Mode! I also started one with Borgore, and one with Must Die! …And so many more!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What are some of your goals for 2015?

My goal is to get out of my dubstep corner. I want to make any music I want under Getter, and I want to play huge shows and tour and make awesome collabs with my favorite artists. I’m not quitting dubstep by any means; I just want to make everything.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What is your pipedream? Where do you see yourself if all things went perfectly in your career?

If all things went perfect, you would see me making music for TV, movies, video games, I would be on the radio, on TV, at awards shows, having my own tours, all that good stuff. Who knows! Maybe you will see some of these in 2015. :)

Tanner left us a little hint hint there. Keep your eyes peeled for the transformative year ahead with Getter. We know we will!

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