Josh Legg, also known as Goldroom, talks about his previous musical endeavors in an exclusive interview with EPIC Productions at Club Vinyl in Denver, Colorado. Josh is a Los Angeles based Electronic Dance Music DJ specializing in slow synth sounds and house music. His meeting with us took place behind the club before he took the stage following the Mile High City duo known as Action 52.

The crowd filled the dance floor on the bottom floor at Club Vinyl while a sea of heads bobbed along in intense approval. Goldroom gave his fans an incredible performance that Denver won't easily forget.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You've been in L.A. for a while, but is that where you're originally from?

Yes, I'm very much from L.A. My entire musical career has taken place in L.A. My record is very much inspired by the city. But I grew up in Boston. I moved out to L.A. when I was 18 and have never left.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Did you have any big breakout performances in L.A.?

No, actually, the most memorable movement where I felt like something was happening was the first time I played in San Diego. It was in early 2012 and was one of the first big shows I ever played.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What first brought you into producing your own music?

I've always been a songwriter, and I've always been in a band, playing songs on my guitar. Basically I started producing to try and figure out how to make my songs sound as cool as possible. Eventually I learned how to record sounds with the computer and over time that got me more and more interested in Electronic music.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You used to be in a trio known as KnightWaves. How did you first break into the DJ scene as Goldroom?

That was really more of a new-wave band. Back then, people would ask me to DJ and that's really how I got started. I ended up falling in love with it, and overtime, it built up from there. When Goldroom started, I started by playing slow, house music and disco. It was my own avenue to explore what I wanted to be doing.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Did you play any other instruments?

I started playing chello when I was really young and then started with the guitar when I was in third grade. I've always been making music.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What's the favorite venue you've ever performed in?

That's a great question. The beach festival I played at in the Dominican was pretty awesome -- I was in the water 15 minutes before I played and then stepped out onto the stage and played with sand between my toes. It was like the dopest thing.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Are you currently developing any new tracks or have any plans for upcoming releases?

I'm putting my first full-length album out this year. It's been three years in the making. I've got an iTunes playlist and almost 40 songs in a fairly finished state for the record.

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