We’ve all heard the track “Sally” by the world’s #1 DJ, Hardwell…. But what about the man behind "Sally"’s vocals? It seems as though when listening to tracks by famous DJ’s, vocalists don’t gain as much recognition as the effort that they put in. With an exclusive interview with the UK’s very own 22 year old singer, Harrison, I was able to get an insight on what it’s like being a vocalist in the electronic dance music industry.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Being a young vocalist, who has been your main inspiration?

Eminem has been a large inspiration to my tracks.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You’ve talked about struggles of being a vocalist within the music industry, explain what you mean by this.

It's not easy for a vocalist to live in a DJs world. An example; if DJs are footballers, the vocalist cuts the grass and draws the lines. Both need each other, but often forget how important one is to the other.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What was it like working with the world’s #1 DJ, Hardwell on his track ‘Sally?’

Amazing! It was one of my best experiences and I am so grateful to have had that opportunity. Hardwell shows a lot of motivation and does his job very well, it was great to get to work with someone so inspirational. I learned a lot!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Do you plan on touring solely as a vocalist, at some point? or do you plan to focus more so on your DJ’ing?

I would like to focus on DJ’ing but still be able to sing and create my own tracks. This would give me the opportunity to do both, as I already sing and DJ live at the same time.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Are there any DJs you would like to collaborate with, or any vocalists you could see working with in the near future?

Yes, I think in every DJ’s eyes there will always be someone out there who they want to work with. Preferably, for me it would be Tiësto and Calvin Harris at the moment. Chris Jones (United We Are "Young Again” vocalist) and I are really good friends and we were in the studio earlier this month working on some lyric concepts together.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How do you approach your songwriting? What are your thought processes when you begin?

Well, it all starts with a backing track or guitar idea and from there it needs to be broken down into sectors. So, I focus on the first verse first for a few days and go back and forth and listen to it through to make sure that it works. After I’m happy with the first, I can move onto either a chorus or a second verse, (which ever one comes to mind first) and brainstorm some ideas and concepts. I then start piecing together my track! The whole lyrics are, as I mentioned, written off the backing track that sets a mood, there I can then build off my lines.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: If you weren’t singing or writing music, what do you think you would be doing?

Well, initially I was very into my rugby but after a brutal accident I needed to stop for a while. If I wasn't doing music I would hope I could still get back out on the pitch.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Your track ‘Mayday’ with Dannic also just topped the Beatport Progressive chart – how did that feel?

Yes, ah seeing it at number one in the Progressive chart and also in the top 10 on the main chart, gave the track justice and what it deserved, what with so much hype around it, it couldn't have gone much better! It just motivates me to write more future ‘Mayday’s’ - in other words, take over the charts!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Finally, tell us about some of your upcoming projects you have lined up…

"Eternity" on Spinnin’ Records is next with Tim Mason and Marrs TV, which dropped April 13th , as a featured vocalist this song is a completely different approach to what I’ve released recently but it really shows my softer side. I have a few other tracks lined up but which are waiting for a home, so hopefully this summer will be filled with some awesome, new feel -good tracks!

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