Jordy Dazz has used his power to create music and projected it through his show, "Dope & Dirty". With a blend of big room tech-house, Dazz creates this ultimate style thats the absolute cross between Fedde le Grand and Hardwell.

Throughout the summer, Dazz has taken on Dance Valley, HouseQuake Valley, and Lakedance to help spread the tropical house music that summer brings about. Ever since 2011, Dazzy has traveled the world to help spread his love for music and his passion for creating it. From Miami to Russia to South Korea, Jordy Dazz is a Dutch DJ taking the world by storm. Here's a look into my exclusive interview with Jordy Dazz, enjoy.

EPIC: What is one thing about the music industry that you love/hate?

I love connecting with the fans, whether it’s through music, through social media, answering a production question. I am blessed to be in the position to connect with an audience from all over the world. Music is a global language, whether you speak Dutch, English, French, Portuguese or Cantonese we can all connect through music.

EPIC: What was your first event/gig that you performed at?

I started DJing in Holland in my local bar, I was a resident and had to play for hours on end. I fell in love with DJing at a very young age.

EPIC: What is your "got to be included" song for your most recent sets?

It really all depends on the set, I have few go to tracks in my arsenal. I am pretty big on my Dazz-Ups which I giveaway with I think I have given away over 30 Dazz-Ups in the last year, they’re great DJ tools and edits of tracks that I enjoy playing.

EPIC: What your dream festival to play at?

I can’t wait to play at Tomorrowland in Belgium this year, I have heard so many stories about the festival and I have never attended myself. I can’t wait to step foot on the festival site not only to play myself but to see the all of the other DJs playing there.

EPIC: What can you say about your experience working with Revealed Recordings?

Revealed Recordings is an amazing label to work with. Hardwell and the rest of the Revealed team are really forward thinking and they have built a monster of a label.

EPIC: What artist were you most excited about gaining support from?

The support has been coming from everywhere lately. I recently did remixes for Tiësto and NERVO. David Guetta has been supporting my bootleg of "Fancy" for quite some time now, obviously Hardwell has been very supportive over the years. Armin van Buuren supported "Disco Nights" as well. My new collaboration "The Limit" with Cobra Effect is coming out on Fly Eye and Calvin Harris premiered it at EDC NY, that’s pretty exciting.

EPIC: Where do you get your inspiration for your music?

Inspiration comes from everywhere, it happens so randomly. It can happen walking my dog, it can happen in the studio, it can happen hearing someone else’s set. It’s really random, but I always say that my environment inspires me. Fortunately I am lucky enough to travel the world and to be exposed to so many different environments.

EPIC: Where do you see yourself in 2015?

2015 is all about getting my music out to the masses. I have been plugging away in the studio and creatively I feel like I am really in a good rhythm.

EPIC: Describe a typical day in the studio for you.

Typical days in the studio aren’t so typical. I don’t have any set regiments, sometimes I bring my do, sometimes I don’t. I treat the studio regime very loosely, it allows me to be creative in different ways.

EPIC: How did you start your radio show Dope & Dirty?

Dope & Dirty started as a way to get my music out there to people who couldn’t see my play live. It also gives me an opportunity to expose new artists and tracks that maybe don’t fit into my sets but that I like people to hear. It’s a nice way to connect with music fans globally in a different way than a show.

EPIC: Can you give us some insight on work you and FTampa have collaborated on?

Well I wish I could, but I have never worked with him. I am open to it, he is an amazing talent. Hey FTampa, if you’re reading this, have your people call my people ;)

EPIC: Who do you wish to collaborate with in the future?

Throughout my career I have collaborated with big artists and smaller artists. For me a collaboration is about the project and the vibe, and how we compliment each other in the studio. I am always open to collaborations if it feels right.

Grab Jordy Dazz's lateset two releases, "Disco Nights" and his remix to Nervo's "It Feels" via Beatport!

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