kynt So much for starting out slow. KNYT, the on the rise EDM group from Indonesia has made their international debut with their first track "Hand Cut". This Indonesian duo has a big sound, and will surely bring the heat in the time to come.

The electro house track catches your attention straight away! With constant riffs, the track instantly begins to gain momentum. Synths tease you as the beat rises and falls, but spare no time in taking you to the bass drop. Drums and synths come together to take you through an epic climax, leading you back down to a house vibe piano. KNYT spares no expense in taking you on an EDM roller coaster, just as you think you’ve come down you go right back up again!

This track is a fantastic sign that 2016 will be filled with hard work, and mind blowing releases. With the debut of their first release, KNYT is a duo to keep on your radar. Debuting, already, with a huge sound - there’s much to know about the self labeled “do it yourself” artists. Read our exclusive interview below!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What is the EDM scene like in Indonesia?

The scene itself is really growing. Many event organizers have been bringing International DJ’s to Indonesia. We also have the biggest festival in south east Asia, which gets held once a year. Indonesia is accepting EDM, and growing with it.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What does KNYT stand for? How did the name come about?

KNYT is abbreviation for Kanyut. It's Sundanese language, 1 from 1.340 tribe in Indonesia. We are from Sundanese, and we stick to our roots, and that’s what we want people to know us as. Many DJ’s here are using their alias with English language. We want to make something different, ear catching, funny, and not mainstream enough for the typical Indonesian teenager.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Who are your music influences?

Beside International artists, we are also admiring local artist who have great attitudes/ achievements. Such as, D.U.A, Nadisa, Princess Joana, and many more. Besides EDM, we like Pop Punk, Metalcore, Jazz... Stuff like that. We are not strictly into only one genre; music is universal. Before we get respected as EDM for the genre that we play, we must respect other genres as well.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How did you start producing music?

Nabil was in a Post-Hardcore band before start his debut in EDM scene. He started to mix-up Electro House elements with Post-Hardcore music, like Enter Shikari or I See Stars. He chose to get out from that band and began to continue his passion in Electro music. So instead of learning EDM production in a course, Nabil started learning EDM Production from online articles, and YouTube. Hand Cut, our first release, got finished in 1 year. We put in much effort, tears, sweat in this song. In our opinion, if you’re not from any label, or management team, you can't grow much in this scene. Especially here, DIY artists get underestimated. You can count on your hands how many who still holding true to 'DIY' rather than joining any label.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How's your experience in the business so far?

There’s always an up and down cycle in life. We have been through many up and down in this business so far, like I said in the prior question, many of us 'DIY' artist get underestimated. It's so hard to grow and expand our music in Indonesia. But we take it as challenge to get bigger and better!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What's KNYT's most memorable moment to date?

Any event that KNYT get featured are memorable for us, but the most memorable is when we played alongside to Nadisa, one of our influence in the scene. And also get review and interviewed by you guys memorable for us! Since we don't have any pictures of us getting interviewed by people who are not from our country, it's means our music is getting bigger because it's already reaching you!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Plans for 2016?

Yes! We already have 2 track that are ready to be released. Still waiting for the perfect moment. Maybe in February or March? We would also like to throw a party to release our single, like a showcase.. something like that. And maybe a tour? Haha, we don't know yet. Maybe after getting reviewed and interviewed by you, it'll help to open some doors! :)

KNYT can be found on all following social media platforms. Their single “Hand Cut” is available for streaming on SoundCloud, and is available for download on iTunes.

Website | Instagram | YouTube | Soundcloud AUTHOR CREDIT: RACHEL HARTMAN