Aussie producer LO’99 is someone who should be on everyone’s watch list for 2015. After remixes of CRNKN, Röyksopp, and Kaskade, LO’99 was ready to unleash his first original track with Marshall F called “Take Me Back.” With a bumpin’ bassline and soothing vocals, “Take Me Back” is groovy original that will have you bouncing. Check out what LO’99 had to say about gigs, how the scene has changed, and what 2015 will bring for LO'99.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How do you find new music?
A lot of my friends are producers so the majority of my stuff comes from guys sending me bits and DJ promos from labels but I love a good little record (mp3) shop every couple of weeks. I remember I used to catch the bus into town every Tuesday morning and spend all my money from the weekend new vinyl - that was fun but expensive and heavy.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What was your first gig and how many people were there?
Ahhh not sure if this was defiantly the actual first gig but i think maybe it was my year 11 end of year party. With my partner in crime DJ Thumper! (Who actually just go married - bp up Jon!!!!). It was pretty busy but I think everyone was sorta their be default.
EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What song is your guilty pleasure?
Not sure if i have a guilty pleasure song.. but one random thing i listen to that i love is a soundtrack / album from the movie Code 46, not really related to the music i make but i love it. If you want to look it up its CODE 46 by FREE ASSOCIATION who is David Holmes, legend!
EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Before hitting up the club to perform a show, what do you typically do? Do you explore the city, plan out your set for that night, catch up on sleep, etc?
Ahh def not shy of hitting the shops and scoring some local threads! Then usually go dinner with club and DJ peeps, hit the hotel for mini refresh and straight to the club. If I’m playing a Friday / Saturday sorta thing but and i got messy on Friday sometimes I might be forced into sleep mode.
EPIC PRODUCTIONS: In high school, you were in a punk band. What made you switch from punk music to electronic music?
Haha where did you read that? True but. Umm i think someone took me to a rave and then it all started from there :)
 EPIC PRODUCTIONS: In your opinion, what has changed most about the electronic scene since you first started?
I’d say the biggest change for me is the technology. I now play on mp3 players instead of turntables and I can write, produce, master and release a song from my laptop in the air haha.
EPIC PRODUCTIONS: If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Umm, pizza will do ;)
EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What is the strangest/most bizarre thing that has happened at a show?
One time I was playing on a sorta make shift stage, it was about a meter and bit of the ground and the power (or audio) cable running into the wall some how managed to get tangled around my leg. I didn’t know this had happened though and proceeded to jump from the stage into the crowd at full force. Needless to say the entire make shift console CJDs, mixer, turntables and all went flying onto the dance floor!! Somehow it managed to miss everyone and actually landed upright - the best thing is that the music didnt stop. Everyone was like WTF!! It all seemed to happen in slow motion and once it had all finished everyone looked at each other, cheered and kept on dancing.
EPIC PRODUCTIONS: If you were to chose a drink that describes your music, what about it be and why?
I'm gonna go with Espresso Martini. Why? I dunno but i like coffee and i like vodka. Winton.
EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What is the biggest goal you hope to accomplish this year? What is the biggest goal you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years?
I’m really keen to get overseas and play some shows!! Be great to get over your way to do a tour and some studio action with peeps. In 5 years i’d love to be touring the world, making music and maybe developing / playing computer games hahah - why not!! :)