Over the past few years, Dutch DJ and producer Quinten van den Berg has been making a lot of noise in the dance music scene. Starting at a young age, Quintino began exploring different musical styles that eventually led into him producing passionate and powerful tracks. But before he discovered his musical passion, working at an Italian restaurant was how Quintino pocketed extra cash and kept himself busy.

I worked an Italian restaurant behind the bar. I would wash dishes and make drinks. I just needed money and I knew some friends that were already working there. I can’t cook, so I just eat. I basically will eat anything. I really like pasta, sushi, and seafood a lot.

After he finished school, Quintino started picking up small DJ gigs. His sound and DJ skills behind the turntables were recognized by Filipino-Dutch producer Laidback Luke at the age of 18. With some coaching and mentoring by Laidback Luke, Quintino hit a huge milestone by remixing “Rap Das Armas.” His remix rose to become the #1 song in the Netherlands. In 2011, he paired up with Sandro Silva to produce “Epic.” Going platinum and racking up over 17 million views on YouTube.

I started off as a DJ but nowadays  you need to know how to produce also because people want to hear YOUR music and not just other people’s music at shows. I consider myself a combination of being both a DJ and producer. I like to DJ but I like to make new records for DJs and for myself to DJ.

With “Epic” being a huge hit and festival anthem, Quintino  worked with heavy hitters like Tiesto and Afrojack, signed to the major label Spinnin’ Records, and started performing at music festivals that featured handfuls of DJs with thousands of attendees.

The biggest and hardest change for me personally was (and still is) that you’re always traveling around the world. There’s nothing better to do and more exciting to do than travel the world and see everything, but I do miss my family a lot. That’s the downside of it. There are so many positive things that missing my family is the only downside. But on the other hand, when I come back, we are all really happy to see each other again. I’m really close with my family.

Entering at number 86 on DJ Mag Top 100, Quintino proves that his presence in the music industry is only getting stronger. Currently traveling the world for his “Escape into the Sunset” tour, Quintino sweets through Chicago, Las Vegas, Washington DC, and Montreal.

I’m going to places that I’ve already been to before. It’s perfect because I know where to go, everything to do, and whatever is in between.

Not only is Quintino busy with his North American tour, but also is busy in the studio and on the road making new hit tracks.

When producing a track, I always start with the melody. If I hear something that I like or don’t like, I can switch it up. I make voice notes or think about it. I just did a remix of Sam Feldt’s “Show Me Love”. I also made a new record with Sandro Silva that is a followup of our track “Epic”.

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