Robbie Rivera has been in the industry for decades. On December 29th, he released a bumpin’ new track under his own label, Juicy Music, called "Sexy Anytime". We got a chance to interview him about his new music, where he came from, how he views the recent surge of EDM on the Top 40 charts and much more - find out more below!

EPIC: Your style has been described as house, progressive, electro, deep house, tribal, the list goes on. What label or labels do you put on the style of music that you play, or do you?

Yeah, I do like to get creative in the studio and produce various styles of dance music. It happens naturally. I like to describe it as “tuff, sexy tribal house music.” I release most of my music on my label Juicy Music then I license them to other companies. I also sometimes produce tracks for other labels that I have worked with before.

EPIC: You started your own label, Juicy Music, with your wife, Monica. Has producing music under your own label allowed for more creative freedom?

Yes, creative freedom was the main reason we started Juicy Music. I can compose anything I want and release it on my label fast. I get turned down by other labels because my music usually doesn’t sound like what everybody is doing.

EPIC: How has your music progressed since your first EP to your new track "Sexy Anytime" (Dec. 29th)?

With technology my music sounds much better. Louder and fatter! It is also easier to find samples and sounds online than when I started. I can produce a track on my laptop and have it for sale in a week if I want to.

EPIC: Expanding on that, you’ve been in this game for a long time. How have you seen the electronic music scene progress in those years? How is it different now than when you first got into the scene?

I’ve been producing and touring for a long time so I have seen lots of changes in the music industry. Back in the day there were not that many DJ/producers compared to now. Personally I think there are way too many, and because of this quality is questioned.

EPIC: I see there’s over 500 episodes of The Juicy Show! Where did the inspiration for The Juicy Show come from and has that experience shaped the way you interact with your fans?

I started this show a long time ago so I can showcase my sound and play music from my favorite artists and up and coming ones. It’s a weekly show aired in North America and in other countries as well. It’s a cool outlet to show my fans the type of music I like for my sets and for the label.

EPIC: How do you feel about the relatively recent surge, especially in the US, of popular electronic music? Not long ago, nothing quite like it was on the radio. Now the top 40 is filled with upbeat, poppy EDM. What has this done for the genre, good and bad?

I am happy dance music is on the radio. It’s generally a good thing. The bad side is that a lot of it sounds the same and dance music radio has forgotten about other age groups that listen to other styles dance music. I honestly don’t listen to dance radio anymore because it’s all poppy ‘EDM’ tracks that are cheesy or just targeting really young kids. I listen to specific radio shows from DJs I like, but regular top 40 is not for me. It’s all changing for 2015 as house music is growing fast again and kids are tired of the same style tracks.

EPIC: What’s something that’s going to surprise your fans on your new track "Sexy Anytime"?

Fans are going to love that I went back to my tribal house roots!Aside from the new track, what else have you been working on? Any interesting collaborations? I have tons of new house and tribal tracks for 2015 and I just signed with Bullitt Bookings, a great agency that I am excited to be part of. I am preparing a world tour for 2015 and I have a new collaboration with Shawnee Taylor on Axwell’s Axtone label coming in February.

EPIC: Is there anything that we didn’t go over that you want to throw out there?

Thanks to my fans for all their support over the years! Without you this wouldn’t be possible.

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