EPIC Productions is incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to interview one of the most influential artists in the EDM scene today. German producer and DJ Robin Schulz has had a fantastic year. The debut of his first single, a remix of Dutch DJ Mr Probz “Waves”, was no doubt the catalyst that ignited the movement that allowed him to soar in popularity overnight.

“Waves” was up for a 57th Grammy Award nomination for Best Remixed Recording, Non- Classical. His second single, a remix of “Prayer in C” by Lilly Wood & the Prick, was equally as popular as “Waves”. This track alongside the release of his album Prayer, proved to the world that Robin Schulz was here to stay. We had the opportunity to sit down with Schulz and pick his brain about his inspirations for his debut album as well as what he has in store for us this year. And we might have asked him about his infamous sunglasses…

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: You just completed your first North American tour and you have hit some pretty fun cities like NYC, LA and Montreal. Which city was your favorite performance? Were you able to enjoy some tourist attractions while you were there?

New York was very special as it was my first stop on the US tour, but Canada was crazy too! I LOVED playing in North America and enjoyed visiting some nice places along the way!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: In September, you released your debut album Prayer and your continuous release of hit after hit seemed to skyrocket your fame overnight. What was your inspiration for this album?

Hard to say...I worked in the studio so much that I had so many tracks and we decided to release it as an album. I am already working on a new one.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What hopes did you have for this album while you were producing it? Did you ever think that your album would be this well received? According to Germany’s Billboard, “Sun Goes Down”, off of your new album has taken the fifth spot this week!

Everything that has happened in the last 12 months is beyond anything I ever dreamed of.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Your remix of Mr Probz "Waves" is one of the pioneer tracks in catapulting the tropical house scene. Do you plan on collaborating with other big names in that sub-genre like Kygo, SNBRN or even Thomas Jack?

I will definitely collaborate with guys from my genre on my next album. We already have some ideas… but I can’t tell you yet!

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: And, if you could do an ultimate deep house collaboration with any artist, who would you choose and why?

Also hard to say…. I love strong vocals. Sometimes it´s more interesting to collaborate with a very special unknown artist than it is with the biggest pop star. There are so many great names that I would love to work with.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Deep house has really found a home here in the United States just in recent months. Why do you think this sub-genre has become so popular?

I think the people are getting back to melodies, emotions etc. I have a lot of respect for all genres and DJs but I also think that the EDM movement--which was big last year-was getting to be too much and people wanted something new.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Sunglasses... (and I know EVERYONE wants the answer to this question) what brand are your sunglasses? They are AWESOME!

Oh I love different ones. I used to wear Ray Ban, but at the moment it's Armani. Maybe I will create my own shades someday :)

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