shaun frank Shaun Frank, an electronic music producer residing in Toronto, quickly made a name for himself in the electronic music industry. After collaborating with the Dutch superstar, Oliver Heldens, on the summer hit "Shades of Grey" featuring Delaney Jane, Shaun Frank embarked on a non-stop tour, performing shows around the globe over the past few months.

This fall is not slowing down for the young, music mogul - touring alongside Oliver Heldens, Adventure Club and The Chainsmokers up until the near end of 2015 - but Shaun Frank isn't complaining. To preview his show with Oliver Heldens next weekend at Echostage in DC (enter HERE for a chance to win tickets to the show), we sat down with the man behind chart-topping hits and discussed trips around the globe, upcoming releases and more. Read further and get a taste for what life on the road for Shaun Frank is really like.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for EPIC - we're looking forward to publishing this. First up, I see you had a busy summer! What was your favorite place you performed in this summer, and were there any first time visits?
No problem...happy to! Wow, I haven't even stopped to think about what my favourite stop was this summer. I have to say it was pretty dope playing on the main stage in Ottawa at Escapade Festival this year...and going B2B with Steve Aoki in Ibiza was also an absolute highlight.
EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Speaking of busy - this fall looks insane! You have tours with Oliver Heldens, Adventure Club AND The Chainsmokers. Knowing these guys, I'm sure some crazy memories are about to be made. What are you expecting as you hit the road this fall?
It's crazy right!? There's even another tour to add to that, it's about to be announced. I've become friends with all these guys that I'm touring with in the past year so I'm really looking forward to these tours. I'm also hoping that we might be able to make some music on the road while we're out there!
EPIC PRODUCTIONS: We're catching you in DC next weekend, where you jet off to TomorrowWorld right after - with other festivals too in the following weeks. How do you personally create your festival sets? Do you go with different vibes depending on the festival and it's attendees?
To be honest, because every festival I've been playing is so different, I usually have like a very rough idea of what I'm gonna do, but then i generally switch it up on the fly depending on the crowd. Like last weekend I played Nocturnal Wonderland, and the crowd was really feeling the deep groovy stuff, so I kinda kept it that way the whole time. Whereas with TommorowWorld I'm expecting a much more energetic crowd, it being the MainStage and all, so I'll be ready for that!
EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Are there any upcoming releases we can expect to hear previewed at upcoming performances (if you can share that).
Absolutely! I'm playing all my new stuff, and especially enjoying dropping my new official Duke Dumont remix that I just finished!
EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Do you prefer tours in the States or international tours, and why?
I haven't really done enough international tours to be sure, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna love it all the same. I will say its pretty dope when you're like 5000 miles from home and people are singing along to your songs!
EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Since you're always on the go and/or in the studio, what do you do in your free time to wind down and stay grounded?
The last couple years I've mad neglected it...but I was born in the mountains, and my parents had me on skis at 2 years old. I'm dying to get up to Whistler Mountain where i grew up and ride at least a few days this year.
EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Who are 3 artists you looked up to when first getting your start in producing, and why?
Radiohead because they always found such an awesome balance between innovation and beauty in their music. Deadmau5 because his chords were always just the dopest, and probably Mat Zo because I really love how he brought musicality to the genre.
EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What was your favorite track of the summer, and why?
Hmm.. probably that new Calvin Harris song with Disciples, "How Deep is Your Love".
EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How do YOU find new music? Who are some of your favorite artists, in any genre?
I mean I cruise Soundcloud pretty hard, and a lot of my homies send me their new tunes when they're done so that's kinda how it comes in. But I also listen to a bunch of podcasts and radio shows.
EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Aside from touring, what can we expect from you in the remaining months of 2015?
I've got a new track that I'm dropping in a few weeks with KSHMR and Delaney Jane that I'm really excited about!
EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Thanks so much for taking the time. Looking forward to seeing you perform in DC next week, and in Pittsburgh with The Chainsmokers. Keep killing it!