vol EPIC had the chance to get some questions by a brand new, up and coming, DJ from Copenhagen. Volmer is a house artist who is ready to facilitate the music that inspires you to get out on the dance floor. With his most recent press release of his newest single “Feel Like Falling”, we wanted to learn a bit more about this scandinavian producer.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What was your "light bulb moment" for the start of your career?

I remember it clearly! I was 5 years old and the local marching band was playing outside my house. I then decided to become a trumpet player or a drummer... trumpet tuition wasn't available in my small town so I started drumming. It was also a good idea to start with rhythm.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: If you had to categorize your music, which genre of dance music would it be in?

It's hard to say, I think. I always try and make a crossover between good songs and elements from club-music. I try and start with a tempo between 116 and 124 bpm. If I can get a great song going, it makes it easier for remixers to have fun with it afterwards. I think, the biggest goal, is to make a song that can make people dance, but still have a recognizable vocal.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How long have you been making music?

Phew... I think my first time making a "beat" was in the early 90's with my commodore 64. It was probably more a few bleeps and blobs now I think of it. Would be fun to listen to today.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: To date, what has been your greatest opportunity/ biggest break in your music career?

It's hard to tell because there has been so many great moments. The most important, is probably the possibility to move to London to study and work with some fantastic producers. I learned a lot from that during the 5 years I lived there.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: How did you come to collaborate with Fura?

We are both managed by Fandango Music and they introduced us. I had only met Fura once before we wrote "Feel Like Falling". We had great chemistry in the studio so the song more or less wrote itself. It was a great day.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What excites you most about your new video "Feel Like Falling"?

I love the simplicity of the video. The black/white feel really brings out a feeling, I think. It's really hard to make a video but the director Nicho Oppermann had a great vision and skills to make it shine, i think.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Wow... that's a tough one. Everything from Prince to Solomun, Roy Ayers to Pele & Shawnecy. There's so much amazing music on so many levels. You'll see me at a small jazz-gig early in the evening and a big techno-rave later in the night. Great music is great music no matter what the genre is.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Which artists would you love to collaborate with in the future?

More fantastic singers. I have a huge vocal crush on Etta Bond & Zalon Thompson at the moment. Both fantastic voices from London. Electronic artists i'd love to collaborate with are definitely Opiuo, André Hommen and some of the Ibiza guys. Amazing talents all of them.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: What are your plans for the remainder of 2015?

Lots of DJ gigs and also a trip to New York to collaborate with Lauren Flax. I'm hoping to find time to come back to LA again to do some more writing. I love it there.

EPIC PRODUCTIONS: Is there a tour on the horizon for you? What can people expect from a live performance?

At the moment, I'm still planning on how to best make a proper live set. I never really understood it when DJ's play "Live" and stands there alone with a laptop. I want a proper band with great musicians. I really like what Opiuo is doing at the moment. It's a great way to incorporate a band into electronic music. Until then, I DJ a lot (no laptops) :)

This self starter artist will no doubt be popping up more as he continues to work hard in the studio. Be sure to check out Volmer's video for “Feel Like Falling”, as this 90s style beat will have you excited for more! Grab the single HERE.

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