For the first time, Firefly Music Festival organizers gave fans an early look at a snippet of the long-awaited line-up.

With two Philly-based acts, Cheerleader and Chiddy Bang, headlining this teaser, “Firefly First Look” delivered on its promise to the Philadelphia market. The American indie pop band opened the show Sunday night at the Trocadero, and the band’s lead singer, Joe Haller, easily won over anyone not familiar to the band. Despite their busy weekend in Philly, having just played at the Radio 104.5 Winter Jam the previous night, they still delivered a great performance to a decent turnout of fans. Their set was fun and their demeanor was easy-going, even sarcastically laughing off some rando who yelled up and asked them to “bring out the pom-poms!” – Haller’s response: “good one, because our name is Cheerleader…”

Then Chiddy Bang came along and switched gears, with Jordan Gilliam working the DJ table and ChideraChiddyAnamege working the stage. As expected, “Opposite of Adults” and “Mind Your Manners” were crowd favorites and got the house jumping, but all-in-all Chiddy Bang had a strong set all the way through.

Cheerleader and Chiddy Bang impressed the crowd, almost making us forget the important announcement we all were waiting for. Finally, the build-up was over and a screen dropped with Firefly’s familiar logo on it: Elliphant, Run the Jewels, Spoon, Empire of the Sun and Bastille would join the ranks of what’s already shaping out to be a pretty great line-up.

The rest of the #FireflyLineup is expected to finally drop this week. Firefly 2015 will take place June 18-21 at the Woodlands of Dover International Raceway in Dover, Delaware.

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