Just a few days back trance producers Gareth Emery and Standerwick released their much anticipated track called Saving Light (Feat. HALIENE). The track, which was officially released through Monstercat, is a powerful song that spreads an important message. Through Saving Light, both producers draw in on the problem of bullying and the actions that need to be taken to stop it.

The music video, though hard to watch, captures the harsh reality of childhood bullying. It follows the victimization of a girl in her teens as she faces physical and mental abuse by many of her peers. At the conclusion of the video, the main character is at the edge of a cliff, most likely contemplating suicide, when her teacher comes rushing from behind to offer help. It ends with the two hugging it out and a powerful disclaimer from ditchthelabel.org about the dangers of bullying.

Both producers have agreed to donate the majority of the song’s proceeds to an anti-bullying fund. To get involved, you can purchase Saving Light on most online music sites or simply watch and share the YouTube video.

Bullying is a seriously issue but together we can stop it. If you witness bullying don’t wait, bring it to the attention of a teacher, parent, or trusted adult immediately. Often times what people need most is a good friend, so never be shy about laying out a helping hand and standing up to those who are bullying.

 Check out the full video in the link below, and as always let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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