Let’s face it when most of us decide we are heading to a festival we look at two major factors – 1) How close is it to me & how much? 2) What headliners are going to be there? Yes. These are always important factors to any festival and of course should never be overlooked but sometimes its fun to approach a festival without knowing most of the artists there. Not only does this expand your musical tastes but it also sets you up to be opened up to new style of music without standard expectations.

If you’re happening to be attending Global Dance Festival in Colorado this July 17th to the 19th, you should follow my footsteps this year and start arriving to a festival right as it begins. What I’ve found is that a lot of great talent is there right at the beginning of the festival and you may see someone now who might blow up even bigger next year. And don’t believe me on that? I remember last August being right up in front watching a DJ on a small stage having a conversation with friends at one festival and then not even a year later this past June I was barely able to move because the entire area was packed with fans screaming from head to toe. That lone DJ who I took a chance on last year who is growing at a super fast rate: Snails.

Saturn: The EDM world is filled with a newer talent everyday. One of those new tales of success belongs with 16 year old Saturn. With already over 45K followers on Soundcloud it’s definitely worth a minute to sit down and listen to his music. What you’re going to find is an amazing set of original music and incredible remixes. It’s obvious that everything he is touching lately musically is turning to gold and I for one cannot wait to see what is in store for him in the future. Saturn’s young fresh take on his songs range from chill trap to future bass. Definitely check out his Soundcloud and then get to Global first thing to check him at the main stage amphitheater where he will be playing from 5 to 6!

Dedcadon: Denver has a lot of great EDM talent coming through on a regular basis but they also have great local talent as well. Once again following on the trend of talent at a young age, Colorado’s Dedcadon is on my radar for up and coming DJs on the rise. His history includes a love of music ever since he was a toddler and now while studying music marketing in college while producing amazing music and remixes! He has already shared the stage with Dillion Francis, Diplo & Borgeous to name a few. His soundcloud has a great mixture of his diverse musical talents from dubstep and chill trap to twerk music. He’ll be playing at the NRG stage at 6 to 7 and hopefully he’ll drop his Flosstradamous "Prison Riot" bootleg to get the whole crowd jumping.

Fury: We all love our main stage acts from time to time but as a basshead if there is one thing that gets me excited is when a DJ knows how to bring the bass. That will be the case when Denver’s own Fury hits the stage this Saturday opening up the main stage! Now while Drum & Bass isn’t for everyone I do encourage you to try it out every now and then as I have found that there are several different types of drum & bass djs out there. Personally Fury has a bit of the old school flair with some Jungle thrown in that reminds me of days as a young girl listening to my brother blast music while getting ready to head out in his JNCO pants. A quick peak at his Soundcloud will reveal a few mixes that would be the perfect music to listen to in the car on your way up to Red Rocks this weekend. His set starts at 5pm on Saturday making him the perfect start to a wild and memorable night!

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