The month of May is eagerly awaited by many not only because it’s almost time for summer, but also because it holds one of California’s greatest opportunistic festivals, Lightning in a Bottle.

Over the course of five days (May 21-25), attendees will be encircled by music, nature, love, and knowledge. These qualities the festival holds true to it’s purpose further give one the opportunity for personal and communal growth- all whilst having the time of their lives.

This week, The Do LaB released the Official 2015 Lightning in a Bottle Video, titled Anything is Possible. After attending the festival in 2014, I am sure I speak for many when I say that there could not be a more fitting statement to describe the message that LiB teaches throughout the experience.

The video is wonderfully put together, displaying the beautiful landscape of the San Antonio Recreation Area where the fest is held. Shifting through clips of last year’s performers and in and out of the Lucent Temple of Consciousness, the video gives a deeper visual representation of what LiB values the importance of: Nature, growth, and freedom of self-expression.

Tracks by Ambassadeurs and Flume (who are both set perform this year) play throughout the video, while many speak of their personal outlook of, and realizations from, attending LiB.

“Anything is possible. We can accomplish everything… you just have to keep on being yourself, and staying true to yourself.”

Check out the Official 2015 Lightning in a Bottle Video below, and buy tickets HERE!

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