After making their European debut in September 2015, Lollapalooza has decided to do yet another year in Berlin, Germany! Last year, they aired in the legendary, historical airport grounds Berlin-Tempelhof. Now, exactly one year later, they will make their second appearance in Treptower Park - Which happens to be Berlin’s biggest park, with many historical features.

With Berlin being Germany’s capital, you can rightfully assume that you can set high expectations for this city. Although it is an old city, Berlin has a bustling city center that is very modernized, all while maintaining the nostalgia for its historical past. We have decided to compile a list of 5 must-visit places while you're in the country and have some free time away from the festival! 

  1. If you are simply looking to stick close by to the festival grounds, luckily you are already instantly spoiled for choice. In Treptower Park alone you can find a myriad of things to get involved in, experience, and tour!
  2. Island Of Youth & Abbey Bridge: The Island Of Youth is located just outside of Treptower Park. Connected to land by the Abbey Bridge, it was a former youth club in a mock medieval castle. Featuring a beer garden and boat rentals.
  3. Observatory & Rose Garden: The Observatory dates back to 1909 and holds the title for featuring the longest telescope on the planet. Reaching approximately 69 feet long. Nearby, you can also experience the Rose Garden with over 25,000 rose buds accompanied by numerous sculptures and fountains.
  4. Berlin Wall: It is no surprise that the Berlin Wall has to be marked as a must stop during your stay in Berlin. As it is the most iconic symbol for The Cold War, little remains of what once separated the east and the west. However, what is left to see will leave a lasting impact.
  5. As you enter Berlin’s city centre, you will instantly be greeted by The Brandenburg Gate. Which is featured in nearly any picture you would come across regarding ‘’Berlin’’. Once you’ve made it to the gate, traveling by foot is the best method to truly experience everything that this German city has to offer. Sights like The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, The Berlin Zoological Garden, and the Berlin Cathedral are all not to be missed. Thankfully, everything is within a near radius of each other.

All things considered, you can easily make a full weekend out of adventuring in Berlin - When you are not partying at Lolla, that is. Where would you run to first? Let us know!   

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