Who knew the French could throw down the funk? I know I didn't. I guess I should back up because who really knows who The Geek x Vrv are? Electro soul DJ duo, Axel and Vincent, hail from the lovely land of France and they have come to the United States to bless us with their uncontrollably positive vibes. They have had skyrocketing success since late 2013 and both of them have recently been added to the All Good Records family. Electric Forest 2016 was their first American music festival. I am one of the individuals that was lucky enough to witness their set and I am forever grateful for it. My afterthoughts were very simple. I must see these guys again.

On this past Friday night, I took a road trip through Michigan to the beautifully showcased city of Grand Rapids. This was my first time going to The Intersection and it won't be my last. The venue was held at The Stache, a smaller venue inside of The Intersection. I have not been in the larger section but I think I prefer The Stache because the smaller space makes for a more intimate area with the artist. Opening acts included Sandose and Flats Stanlie. In my honest opinion, I do not think I have enjoyed supporting acts more than I did that night. Performing for only his second time, Sandose warmed up the crowd with some chill music and fresh electronic classics.

As for Flats Stanlie, this man may be one of my favorite supporting acts that I've ever seen. One track that specifically stood out to me was his remix of Rihanna's ‘Umbrella.’ I even played it for my non electronic music listening friends while we were partying the next day. This is a track that anyone can get down to.

After a great lineup, it was time for what I anticipated the most for. The Geek x Vrv come out blasting through their hits and dancing along to them. This group weren't performing, they were just having fun; the trait I liked about them most. The whole time they were playing there were sex solos flying through the air and tributes to great funk artists. Towards the end, Vincent and Axel New what we wanted to hear and they gave it to us. The sax solo played and we knew what was coming next. I heard this track at Electric Forest, I heard it at GRiZ Rocks and I was about to hear it a third time. The unreleased remix of GRiZ’s ‘The Anthem’ by the brilliant producers that stood before me. Blaring bass and head banging fans gave this chill night a new atmosphere. It was truly the peak of an epic night. How can I forget that I also got to snag a picture with one of them and my friend.

Not only was the road trip worth it but I learned that The Geek x Vrv has a lot in store for us in the future. Check out their latest ‘Origami EP’ and keep an eye out for more. These funk masters are just getting started.

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