Three days of camping under the worlds largest trees while being surrounded by four stages of music day and night will leave you with nothing left to do other than dance under the summer sky and experience what the Northern Nights Music Festival has to offer.

One of the summers most anticipated festivals, NNMF, will take place at Cooks Valley Campground from July 18-20. The festival features three days of music, art, food, and more, making it one of the must-go-to festivals of the year.

10. Organic Food and Drink

Northern Nights brings some of the best mobile food vendors into the forest for their attendees. A diverse selection of bites will be available; some made from locally grown ingredients. A blend of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options will be available to appeal to the wide variety of guests in attendance.

Beverages, including an assortment of craft beers and wines have been expertly selected for the festival. Regional breweries and wineries will be bringing an assortment of delectable drinks and a full list of food and drink vendors will be available on the NNMF website closer to the date of the festival.

9. Art Installations

Beyond the magnificent landscape that surrounds the Cooks Valley Campground, NNMF welcomes an array of talented visual artists to share their work with festival goers. Captivating art scatters the venue, creating eye stimulating masterpieces that add to the experience of the unique festival. Last year, Luminary Optix  provided creative artwork that utilized custom lighting resourced from recycled and reclaimed materials. This idea follows NNMF's vision of being traceless, using materials already provided by our earth to create something new and innovative.

8.  Silent Disco 

Rather than using a speaker sound system, a silent disco uses headphones to transmit the tunes we love to hear. Sponsored by Silent Friscothe all night event will feature an array of up-and-coming artists demonstrating their talents through headphones instead of speakers. Where music in public places could be considered illegal or destructive by our peers, Silent Frisco allows us the opportunity to experience what we love so much in a somewhat peaceful manner. With the idea of "seen not heard" in mind, the Silent Disco is one part of the festival you do not want to miss out on.

7. The Redwoods 

NNMF is hidden by the towering redwoods that lie in Mendocino County, creating a vibe unlike any other. Home to the biggest trees in the world, the Cooks Valley Campground provides one of the most soothing and entrancing venues possible. The Sequoia sempervirens that we share our three days with is one of California's most prized possessions. These giants, reaching over 300 feet in height, put into perspective just how beautiful the nature is that surrounds us in California.


6. Traceless

One thing that separates NNMF from any other festival is its commitment to sustainability. The idea of leaving the world better than you found it is in full effect in this beautiful oasis. While dancing under the giant redwoods and sharing laughs under the stars, NNMF is committed to keeping the Cooks Valley Campground and surrounding areas preserved for many years to come. Our human footprint should be minimal, as we focus on a weekend of enjoying nature alongside music, art, and the numerous activities available for our enjoyment. With this in mind, make sure to come prepared, pack minimal items and make sure to bring a reusable water bottle!

5. Wellness Workshops 

The three-day weekend will be packed with daytime programming that enables you to rejuvenate yourself and enhance your experience. Yoga classes are offered daily and the teachers will accommodate any level of practice--whether you're a beginner or experienced in yoga, you'll be sure to find yourself at ease and enjoying the outdoor yoga sessions. Closer to the event, NNMF will provide a schedule of various workshops that are designed to refocus and recharge you, and of course all workshops are free of charge for attendees.

4. The Eel River

The Eel River provides the outdoorsy and relaxing elements that sets NNMF aside from others. Choose to float on the river, dive into the many deep swimming holes, laze out on the banks of the river, or dance away with your drums and friends. It's really up to you on how you want to utilize the beautiful and expansive areas of this river and campground.

3. Unique Vendors 

Interested in original and unique pieces of art, jewelry, clothing and other trinkets? NNMF shows a deep appreciation for showcasing other people's crafts. You'll find a variety of different vendors featuring their individual goods. If you're interested in exhibiting your goods and crafts, NNMF gives you the option to apply to be a vendor. Check out their website for more details and for an application here. Applications are due by May 28.

2. Atmosphere and Culture 

The intimate setting of NNMF and grounded approach to curating this particular festival experience creates a strong sense of culture and a comfortable and amiable vibe. You'll feel right at ease among the Redwoods and the beautiful people that inhibit Cook's Valley Campground during this weekend. Comedy shows throughout the days strengthens the friendly ease of the environment that's created by NNMF. It'll be hard to leave Cook's Valley Campground after making yourself at home here.

1. Emerging Underground Music Productions

NNMF's mission is straight-forward and important for emerging artists: To produce this annual festival with passionate support for and strong understanding of emerging underground music industries, featuring sought out producers & DJs from around the globe.

The stacked lineup boasts an array of talented artists and musicians, featuring EPIC favs Dirtybird brothers: Justin Martin and Christian Martin. NNMF is also proud to say there will be an emphasis on live music this year as well. Be prepared to experience unparalleled quality and variety of music that will be sure to please any festival goer.

Tickets can be purchased here; hurry before the prices raise on July 1st.We hope to see you out there!