Post Death Soundtrack has dropped a genre-twisting album that's sure to take you down the rabbit hole. The Unlearning Curve takes the psych sounds of David Bowie and The Beatles and throws them into a form of electronic music.

Post Death Soundtrack, hailing from Vancouver, is known to weave together a number of different genres to create a unique sound unheard by anyone before. Who would think to mix pop and punk with electronic and industrial? These guys did, and they make it work. After a three year hiatus, Post Death Soundtrack released this recent nine-track album as an "eclectic narrative about dropping concepts, healing and venturing into the unknown."

Released in late May, The Unlearning Curve is available for download. Can't get enough? No worries - Post Death Soundtrack is already working on a new full-length album and remix album. Listen to The Unlearning Curve below via Bandcamp, and look for more to be released in the upcoming months.