Just by looking at him, it’s no surprise how he got his name. Jasha Tull, aka Space Jesus, has truly made a name for himself in the electronic scene. Known for producing heavy psychedelic beats that aren’t limited to a single genre, Space Jesus breaks barriers with everything he creates. A lover of both hip-hop and EDM, Space Jesus began experimenting with music at an early age creating unique sounding beats that merged a futuristic sound with psychedelic feels. It’s exactly this creative twist that has earned him a unique reputation and a top spot with-in the DJ community.

With-in the past couple years alone, Space Jesus has released several top selling tracks and has taken the stage at venues and festivals all across the world. His support ranges from a number of popular artists such as Liquid Stranger, Yheti, Esseks, and many more. He has even been featured on the popular radio show Sway in the Morning.”

So what’s in store? He recently announced his Look Out! Tour with Yheti, a U.S tour which began Sept. 1 in Stroud OK. He will be playing a number of different shows across the U.S so be sure to check his tour dates to catch him in a city near you. Also, be sure to check out his newest EP Zoned Vol. 1, below, which is a true representation of the power behind his music.

Let us know in the comments your favorite tracks from his new EP.