With TBD Fest only a week away, we're all highly anticipated and stoked to catch some of our favorite artists and producers live next weekend in Sacramento. Tickets for the festival, taking place next Friday - Sunday October 3rd-5th, are still available. To purchase tickets to TBD Fest, visit EventBrite HERE and grab them while you can. Use promo code EPICTBD and SAVE on your ticket purchase! To gear up for the festival, we're bringing you some of TBD Fest's RISING ARTISTS. These are newcomers on the scene you won't want to miss, for they are just bound to blow up on the scene in just a matter of time. Without further adieu ..

CHERUB The electro-pop indie-dance duo from Nashville, CHERUB, will be taking the stage at TBD Fest next weekend, October 3rd-5th in Sacramento. Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber of CHERUB were just recently signed to Columbia Records this past year, and dropped their debut album Year of the Caprese in late-May, just in time for their tracks to hit everyone's funky summer playlists.

For Kelley and Huber of CHERUB, it's always been non-stop music, all the time. The two artists met while attending college and studying music promotion at Middle Tennessee State University. They became close pals and formed CHERUB in 2010, five years after kick-starting their friendship. Both Kelley and Huber are proficient in using Reason, Pro Tools and Ableton software to produce their own music. If you don't know them by name, you may know CHERUB by their hit single "Doses & Mimoasas". The catchy yet smooth track dropped in early 2014 and charted on The Hype Machine, and also gained more than a million YouTube views in a short period of time. There's much more to come from this electro-duo, as they continue on the road for their The Champagne Showers Tour, going strong until early November.

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GHOST BEACH Ghost Beach is a duo of pop pioneers who have recently set the internet ablaze with their 80's influenced singles. Josh Ocean and Eric "Doc" Mendelsohn, also known as Ghost Beach, is only a few months old, but have completely perfected their retro-electro sound. Think mixing The Police with Passion Pit, or Depeche Mode with Daft Punk and you have the work of Ghost Beach.

Ocean is in charge of the vocals while Mendelsohn soars on the synths, guitars and harmonies. There's no stopping the New York City duo, stating that they have the fun factor and nonchalant attitude that is contagious to fans, and they "don't stop partying until we throw up glitter". Catch the fancy and fun duo next weekend as they hit the stage with their smooth synths at TBD Fest.

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TEEN DAZE Teen Daze, who has risen from Fraser Valley, British Columbia, is an eclectic musician with a rare and unique electronic sound. The musician began the start of writing new material and producing his album Glacier as 2012 came to an end. Teen Daze’s most music is described as “more than solidified water adrift in a sea of home-produced electronic music. It is a collection of moments, historical particles and physical experiences, gathered into a whole”.

The Canadian artist has been involved in the music industry for some years now, first getting his start by growing up in a musical family. “I had a strong love for music pretty early on”, Teen Daze explained. In college, he used songwriting and recording experiments as procrastination, soon turning it into his career. Teen Daze, who came up with his stage name as an ode to an old friend, listed a few of his musical influences as Brian Eno, Daft Punk, Bibio, Mount Eerie and all of the Ghostly Records, which are also some of his favorite artists to listen to in his spare time while not creating music of his own. If Teen Daze were to have the chance to collaborate with anyone, he said he would love to work with Terrence Malik. “He is an incredible director with an amazing eye for visuals. Doing a score for one of his films would be an honor”, Teen Daze explained.

For a summery and bittersweet sound, catch Teen Daze at TBD Fest next weekend as he delivers his best bedroom electronica.

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BEACH DAY This trio may not fall into the electronic dance music category, but we couldn't resist. Beach Day's surf-punk sound is one that leaves us just wanting more and more summer weather. The band from Hollywood, FL have a classic sound, but don't consider themselves retro, rather pure American. Consisting of Kimmy Drake on guitars and vocals, Natalie Smallish on bass and vocals, and Skyler Black on drums, the three talented rock singers met at a local show and bonded over their love for 60's girl groups.

Beach Day dropped their debut single "Beach Day" in summer of 2012, which was followed by another tune "Walking on the Streets" and their debut album Trip Trap Attack. We can't wait to soak in the last of the season's summer vibes with some cool, punk-rock surf jams from Beach Day.

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