18 year old up and coming artist Tre Coast has just released his newest single “I Can’t Let You Go” this past Friday, February 17th. With lyrics guaranteed to get stuck into your head, and a beat equally match, “I Can’t Let You Go” is an incredibly engaging track that we all can relate to. With a summer beat that gets you Cali inspired, Tre Coast’s newest hit featured classic electronic riffs, combined with a “boy band” pop feel. A surefire spring break hit!

“I wrote “I Can’t Let You Go” about an on again, off again relationship I was in for three years. She would lie, cheat and make things difficult at all times, but I continued to go back to her. That’s what “I Can’t Let You Go” is truly about. Being so attached to someone that you can’t move on from. You can’t let them go. I’ve been able to move on since writing this song, but it’s still a reminder to never go back to that relationship.” - Tre Coast

Since beginning his passion in music from a young age, Tre Coast has manifested over 25 million views and streams across his social media outlets. This North Carolina native is one to keep on your playlists as the weather heats up, and the spring vibes begin to steadily set it.