Matt Halper and Eli Sones, the names behind the production duo Two Friends have been remixing songs since their high school days. Their name was put on the map after their remixes of, “I Miss You” and “Cool” went viral. Strongly influenced by the Chainsmokers, Alesso and Blink 182, the duo has developed a Soul House style incorporating numerous live instruments to develop a multi-faceted sound.

Yet another song has put Two Friends in the spotlight and for good reason. Days ago the duo remixed The KillersMr. Brightside” and it doesn’t disappoint. Remixing an indie/alternative rock song is a hit or miss task, especially with a band like The Killers. Two Friend’s soulful and electronic twist on the classic has fans blown away. The remix keeps the vocals of Brandon Flowers and the does the original justice by incorporating the guitar riff, all while adding a future bass sound. Two Friends have been successful with several other songs which can be found below.

Check out the Two Friends remix of “Mr. Brightside” and let us know what you think!

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