Say Wakarusa five times fast. Pretty difficult to do right? Not for the attendees going to Wakarusa Music Festival this year. In beautiful Ozark, Arkansas, nestled in the South of the states, lies this diverse festival held on June 5th-7th. Wakarusa is completely filled with talent from all genres and corners of music. Well, TECHNICALLY, it is held at Mulberry Mountain in Ozark but I must say just looking from the pictures and videos from past festivals the grounds looks absolutely gorgeous. I can only imagine what adventures await for all the fans and goers of this festival.

News recently just broke about the full music lineup for the Wakarusa Music Festival and boy is it a doozy. The lineup boasts some incredible names in the music industry such as The Roots, Major Lazer, Thomas Jack, Big Gigantic, Chance The Rapper, & Portugal. The Man. By the way, that is maybe 5% of the festival as it has a lot of unique acts and fan favorites that aren’t quite as large as the names above, BUT still know how to rock a festival to it’s core.

Those artists go by the names of Kap Slap, Goldroom, Bro Safari, DESTRUCTO, and Paper Diamond. Alongside all these names are up & coming DJs & musicians such as KOA & Jakubi who are making a name for themselves in the industry. NOW, we’ve probably scratched the surface of about half of the artists at this festival as it is massive and jam packed with talent, touche Wakarusa Music Festival.

Wakarusa Music Festival isn’t just about music like some festivals. It boasts six stages of pure madness at the festival; a six-pack of music, I will take it. This year included with the incredible music, Wakarusa Music Festival will be showcasing 20 art installations, over 15 visual artists & collabs and then over 100 roaming performers. On top of that Wakarusa will host hundreds over food trucks and vendors from all around the nation and also include it’s very first ever Wakarusa Farmer’s Market organized by The Arts Society of Ozark.

Also, working alongside a multitude of non-profits, whose goal is to help promote political, environmental, health and social activism, just makes Wakarusa go beyond the bounds of festivals and really push for something new, and I love it. With that being said, is Wakarusa creating a little utopia - fine by me! I wish I could attend this one as the more I researched it and read about it, I realized that they are doing something great out there in the South. Bringing together culture with progressive thinking and truly doing it in a professional mannerism. Did I already say touche Wakarusa Music Festival? Damn right I did.

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