Krewella is an EDM group that never fails to receive constant scrutiny. With humble beginnings in the Chicago area back in 2007, three friends Jahan Yousaf, Yasmine Yousaf, and Kristopher Trindl all had a vision. They explain in an interview on that “Krewella was a hobby on the side for quite a few years before we made the decision on June 8th 2010.” On this day, the three decided to drop everything and pursue Krewella full time. Since then, this talented group has had numerous top chart releases, tour dates all over the world, and collaborations with some of the biggest names in the scene. Though achieving this wild success/popularity in a seemingly short time, the group’s recent falling out with Kris left Krewella in shambles and under the media spotlight.

Due to personal issues and disagreements, the Yousaf sisters made the difficult decision to kick Kris out of the group. Despite what the media will make you believe, the sisters explain over and over again that their decision was difficult but something that needed to be done. The falling out resulted in a lawsuit and several months of media attacks on their gender, race, and supposed “inability” to DJ/produce.

In another interview with Ryan Mac on, Jahan says, “There was a lot of backlash.” “People went immediately into believing everything that they read… People wanted to immediately jump to these conclusions that ‘Of course they’re women, they use their sex to sell the group. They manipulate men in the industry. They can’t be trusted.’ And those were the constant themes that we kept seeing.”

Though facing daily criticism, Krewella was able to laugh off their scrutiny and focus on really mattered, their fans and their music. Since then their Ammunition EP, which was released in May, was one of their top selling albums as well as a personal favorite to so many. It serves as their first major release since the falling out of Kris and the start of something new for Krewella.

As far as Kris Trindl’s concerned, he’s started his own independent project, “Rain Man,”and has been doing great. He’s had several great new releases and with the support of labels such as Dim Mak, is rebuilding his music career full swing.

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