Mellow Music Monday: AlunaGeorge, Duke Dumont, ODESZA & More

November 25th, 2014

This Mellow Monday we bring you a collection of oldies but goodies, as well as a few newer tracks to pull you out of any negative weekday funk you may be experiencing. This week’s compilation features some of our favorite tunes that are not only laid-back but also more upbeat and groovy. Perfect for mid-day lounging or late night driving, these tracks are sure to help you unwind and get your spirits ready for the upcoming holiday season.

Whether you are in the mood for some Nu Disco, ‘Tropical House’, or Progressive tunes, we’ve got you covered. We even threw in a “must-hear” garage track produced by our very own EPIC resident DJ and producer Jason Parris! Other highlighted artists include AlunaGeorge, Shadow Child, Duke Dumont and ODESZA. ENJOY!


Music App Breakdown: Soundcloud vs Spotify vs 8tracks

November 21st, 2014

Soundcloud, Spotify and 8tracks are all names known to holders of smart phones. The three popular music apps have topped the “most popular” and “most downloaded” charts in all app stores, and have taken over and replaced music downloading. The top three music apps have their own pros, cons and functionality, making them the most popular on the charts. Read further and take a deeper look into Soundcloud, Spotify and 8tracks, and find which best suits your musical taste!

Soundcloud is an online distribution platform that allows users to upload, record, promote and share their own music, along with others. This past summer, the app had 40 million recorded registered users and 200 million recorded listeners. The biggest key to Soundcloud is that artists have the ability to upload their own music, which can also be combined with other social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter, to get their music out to the public and their fans.

David Obringer of Portland, an electronic music fan, is an avid Soundcloud user and prefers the app over the others. “I think what I like most is that there are so many options and remixes available, whether it be from artists I am already a fan of, or artists I’ve never heard of,” he explained. “Everything is at my fingertips, and discovery is a huge pro, especially for EDM fans. I don’t even download music anymore because of Soundcloud. The only downfall I can think of is that data usage increases much faster, and there are often times my data plan runs out for the month. I then have to listen to the downloaded music on my phone.”


Pay It Forward: Tips for a Stress Free, Safe & Successful Night

November 19th, 2014

When heading out for the night with a group of your friends, you should always want everyone to have a great night on the town. With our first Chico show tomorrow night with Gareth Emery performing at The Senator Theatre, spreading the word of safe concert-going is always a go-to. Here are some helpful hints and tips on how to pay it forward the next time you head to a concert, your local club, a friend’s house party or your go-to nightlife spot. Most are self-explanatory, but always valuable to keep in mind. Please spread the word – by paying it forward, not only your friends, but you yourself as well, will have stress free, safe and successful night.

Plan Your Transportation – When you’re going out, first thing’s first: always make sure you have a reliable ride home. Whether this means assigning a designated driver, taking a cab or car service (Uber, Lyft), or using public transportation, safe transportation home is the number one priority. When traveling to your nightlife destination, always be sure to park in a well-lit and safe parking lot or garage, in a high-traffic area of town.

Watch Your Drinks – Pay it forward by watching your friends’ drinks if they must leave for a moment or use the restroom. Trusting other people in crowded bars and nightclubs is risky, and you always want to make sure that your drink or your friends’ drinks aren’t tampered with. If you think something has been poured into a drink of yours or your friend’s, pour it our as soon as possible, even if you aren’t 100% certain. It is always best to be extra-cautious rather than blowing instances like this to the side.


Gareth Emery Debuts Last Podcast – Hits Chico Thursday

November 18th, 2014

After a long nine years, Gareth Emery has decided to end his well-renowned podcast station “The Gareth Emery Podcast” on a high note. Wondering why? Gareth’s official statement can be read here:

Thank you for your kind words following the news that The Gareth Emery Podcast is ending. I guess I owe you a proper explanation. After doing the show more or less every week since 2006 I guess I’d become a bit too comfortable, and I sometimes felt like I was producing the show on auto pilot for the last year or so. Saying the same old shit and playing the same sounding music, and probably playing it a bit too safe, choosing the obvious bangers and hot promos rather than pushing myself to dig out those hidden gems like I always used to.

And that, my friends, is what I want to get back to. Playing music that excites me, digging through Soundcloud pages and obscure albums on iTunes, finding long forgotten gems that I once heard in a club five years ago, and sharing them with the world.


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