Amsterdam Dance Event is not only to be recognized as a renowned music festival, but also as a cultural event. Stocked full of music talks, art showcases, and mystery popup parties - ADE is a musical experience that integrates the magic of electronic dance music into all facets of our artistic lives. ADE is designed to inspire and educate you as you party on through the weekend in this historically renowned city. With a lineup too large to list - they come from across the globe to perform at this stand out musical feature.

Amsterdam is a beautiful city surrounded by art, culture, and canals. With a myriad of things to experience for explorers, music enthusiasts, and art junkees - This Netherlands capital will never be short of things to experience. A prime spot to rent a bike and wind and bend all throughout these city streets that explode with surprises of old and new. Not to mention, extreme foodies welcome.  

Whether traveling in the open air, or planning a more detailed itinerary via the train - Amsterdam has plenty of sights, museums, and restaurants for you delve into.

1.     Vondelpark: Arguably one of Amsterdam’s most lush parks - Vondelpark is everything you’d expect from the excitement of a pier boardwalk combined with the open air, relaxing aura of a peaceful pond. Cyclists, rollerbladers, picnickers, and families alike are all one within this green community.

2.     De Kas: Amsterdam has a big reputation of being very new age and hippie inspired - So an all organic eatery is to be expected. At De Kas is an all-glass eatery that is admired worldwide that features it’s own homegrown herbs in all it’s dishes.

3.     Anne Frank Huis: The infamous Anne Frank Huis is a must see in Amsterdam. Featuring Anne Frank’s diary in a stand alone case - you can see first hand this historical families experience in a truly dark time in history. A visit sure to go down in your personal history book. Tickets to be purchased in advance.

If you were planning on attending ADE, have you been persuaded to extend your stay? If you have not even gave Amsterdam’s Dance Event a thought before this and now have a ticket in hand? We hope we may have played a part in your next adventure. What’s stopping you?

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