As festival season slows down, Insomniac Events provides one more stellar lineup before the season comes to close. Audio on the Bay, which will be held at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium is set for another sold-out year. 

Each season, Audio on the Bay brings fresh faces to the mainstage of electronic dance music. This year is no different, with names such as Mr. Skeleton, Ducky, and SAYMYNAME set to steal the show. Haven't heard of these artists? Don't worry. We're here to break them down for you, demonstrating how they made their mark, and what to expect from them on September 30.

Not much is known about Mr. Skeleton music other than his debut album The Absence of Good has recently launched and is full of bangers. With a mask covering his face, and no biography in sight, there is a huge wave of mystery around this up-and-coming artists. However, even though he is billed first on the lineup, he still has a track stack major than most artists. Collabs include Figure and Severet.

Female up-and-comer, DUCKY is sure to steal the show early on with her unique blend of disco nu and melodies. A self-proclaimed "outsider girl", the person behind DUCKY is also a relative mystery. What does this mean? The EDM scene as a whole is breaking away from the fame of being a DJ and bringing the attention back to the music. We can't wait to see what this kick-ass lady brings from her set at Audio on the Bay. 

Hailing from a music influenced family, SAY MY NAME's upbringing includes a DJ dad. With a degree in PR and Advertising, SAY MY NAME is matching his equally talented music with his own creativity to make his tracks go viral.  He is proving that there is more to the industry than just music, and we're expecting big things from his takeover this year.