Ignited in the summer of 2015, the DJ/Producer/Vocalist duo swept the dance music community off its feet, and fast. Breaking the norm, and creating a sound unique to their own from the start, BONNIE X CLYDE stole the hearts of fans from day one. 2017 has already proven to be a huge year, with events conquered such as Insomniac's CRUSH event, as well as a highly-anticipated EP--Wanted. This five track EP is everything we wanted from the rising duo, and we can't wait for it's full release.

So far, BONNIE X CLYDE have only scratched the surface with their Wanted EP, by releasing the first of four tracks, Bass Jam. Bass Jam defies the odds of what Bass music can be with Bonnie's captivating lyrics intertwined with the heavy sounds we know and love from the duo. The pair has swept the nation, and this track is sure to be played across the globe. Their melodic sounds instantly hooks listeners as the music intensifies into a drop that is sure to get every dance floor moving. 

Listen for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments!