dolab.jpg Coachella’s “Secret Weapon,” as we like to call it, has just dropped a massive lineup for the two weekends of the festival. From the moment the gates open each day, to the moment the last beat of music hits the speakers, The Do LaB stage will be hosting some incredible talent to showcase their skills. No matter which weekend you are attending- whether it be the first, the second, or both, The Do LaB has ensured that you’ll be in for a treat.

The initial Coachella lineup has the same artists set to play both weekends (which we LOVE), but The Do LaB likes to switch things up a bit for their stage, and we are all for that, too. With the first weekend’s artists in yellow ink and the second weekend’s in white, Do Lab-bers are immediately able to see who will be gracing their ears on the Polo Fields.


Weekend One - The Do LaB experience that first weekend attendees will have is nothing short of phenomenal. Hayden James, Falcons, Justin Jay, Russ Liquid, Lane 8, Cassian, Ooah, and more are set to bring their unique sounds to the beautifully cultivated stage.These artists are sure to have the stage popping off weekend one.

Weekend Two - When separating the artists by weekend, The Do LaB does a great job at making sure the talent is evenly distributed for both weekends. With artists like CRNKN, Louis Futon, J. Phlip, Royal, Kraddy, Hoodboi, and more bringing their own set of vibes to the festival weekend two, there is sure to be nonstop dancing and happiness radiating from the stage all weekend.


The Lucent Dossier Experience will also be returning to both weekends with their breath-taking performances. Not only that, but there will also be some very special guests playing The Do LaB, so be sure to stay on your toes!

Ranging from the underground, to more well-known artists that many love, each artist’s set that will take place on the stage over the two weekends will have you in awe. See you there!

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