Next August, seven different transformational festival companies from around the world will collaborate together to create an experience unlike any other called Oregon Eclipse. The event will be taking place at Big Summit Prairie in Ochoco National Forest.

The reason for choosing this location is because it is a perfect viewing point of the path that the next total solar eclipse will be visible from Earth. The last of this rare type of eclipse occurred in 1998.

The event will begin on August 17th and end on the 23rd. Throughout these seven days you can expect a global mixture of visionary art, skilled dancers and performers. Tickets went on sale November 1st but will continue to be sold on the website throughout the year.

One of the main collaborators is California’s very own Symbiosis Gathering. A group of individuals who have been creating a vision of enlightenment through human connections and growth since their first event in Cutter Scout Camp in 2005.

It has grown to be one of the most well know transformational festivals in the US and has headlined big names over the years such as FKJ Twigs, Gramatik, Justin Martin and Claude VonStroke. Of course, music is just one aspect of this colorful event. They also offer yoga classes, meditation seminars, comedy shows and even cooking workshops.

Transformational groups from Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, France, South Africa, UK, Australia, Japan and Brazil will all be adding to this mystical experience next summer with hopes to envision a larger than life experience.

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