After the events of night one at Decadence, one could only imagine what was held in store for night two. A savoring platter of artists was successfully served to the citizens within the City of Dreams, leaving folks with an appetite for a another main course. Fortunately for the anticipating crowd, what lied ahead was an even more vibrant display of what the preceding night offered, only this time, the stroke of midnight would indicate an entirely new year.

The second evening was clearly an extension of the night before, as evidenced by the energy Trajikk was feeding the attendees of the Timekeeper stage. Throughout the night, those that witnessed the progression of Timekeeper were accompanied by the showcases of Ecotek, Michael Brun, The Chainsmokers, Eric Prydz, and , ultimately, the midnight finale that Tiësto was saving for the crowd.

The transition from stage to stage called for patrons to navigate swiftly in a vast ocean of New Year's Eve thrill seekers. In between the two stages, the silent disco was still burning ferociously as inaudible drops, noise-cancelled bass-lines, and even a mute Mannequin Challenge were some of the instances that occurred on the dance floor.

Beyond the silent disco, the Daydream stage was fueled by the thunderous bass pumped out by Phantoms, with a solid suit of performers following including Big Wild, Sunsquabi and Bob Moses. Bringing in the New Year was an emotional rollercoaster of sounds presented by Flume, driving into the final, ultra-heavy performance by Snails to cap off the  the end of another year and the beginning of a new one.